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Carriers of Heaven by Taffie Beisecker

By Taffie Beisecker
About a month ago, I dreamed I was walking along the sidewalk of a city street. Along the walk I came upon a little girl crouched down in the middle of the sidewalk. I stopped, bent down and talked to her for a moment. I then asked her what her name was. Her name was, "Heaven."  At that moment, I picked her up and carried her everywhere I went. I went into restaurants and stores and theaters and so forth, and as I did I carried Heaven with me into all those places. As the Body of Christ, we are called to be carriers of Heaven.
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About a month ago, I dreamed I was walking along the sidewalk of a city street. Along the walk I came upon a little girl crouched down in the middle of the sidewalk. I stopped, bent down and talked to her for a moment. I then asked her what her name was. Her name was, "Heaven."  At that moment, I picked her up and carried her everywhere I went. I went into restaurants and stores and theaters and so forth, and as I did I carried Heaven with me into all those places.
As the Body of Christ, we are called to be carriers of Heaven. We are kingdom people, people not of this world but living in this world. What does that mean exactly? Let me first say what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean we do not have an obligation to obey the laws of the land in which we live. We are not exempt from the laws of the Federal Government, or the local district in which we reside. So, no, I did not give you permission to speed or to stop paying your taxes. lol
Not being of this world means we are not subject to the consequences of the curse of sin, which affected the natural realm, nor are we subject to the bondage of sin. We have promises from the Lord when we become born again into His Kingdom. Our inheritance is salvation. Salvation entails much more than life in Heaven after death. We have an inheritance to walk in right here, right now as we are alive and breathing oxygen from this earth. What is it? Healing (all manners – emotional, spiritual, physical). Forgiveness. Grace. Resurrection power. Miracles. Deliverance. Casting out demons. Prosperity (having our needs provided for). Abundance (having an overflow to share). Healthy minds. Joy! THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL!
"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you imprison, God will imprison. And whatever you set free, God will set free." Matthew 16:19
The Kingdom of Heaven Dwells Within
We have been given the authority – the right – the access, if you will, to do the will of that which is of Heaven. We have the kingdom of heaven dwelling inside of us and it's the Lord's will for us to release the kingdom everywhere we go. He tells us to preach the good news of the gospel to all people. The good news is, we have forgiveness of sins when we repent and accept Christ as Savior, which guarantees us an eternal home in Heaven with God, but it is also; healing the sick, lifting up the broken-hearted, feeding the poor, helping people to be free of bondage – whether demonic or deceptive mindsets or addictions; it's hope to the hopeless; and most importantly, it's unconditional love so that all people see God's heart through us.
Maybe a week or so prior to the dream about carrying Heaven, I was given a different dream. This dream was probably the shortest dream I've ever had from the Lord. I had it two nights in a row and it was very detailed. I saw myself standing in a large corridor type place. I could sense people behind me as if they were lining up in front of a banner taking photos. It reminded me of being on the red carpet of the Emmy's or at the Oscars or some type of an awards event that was a big deal.  In this dream, I was not looking outwardly as from my own perspective, rather, I was being looked at as if from a perspective other than my own.  I have revelation that this means this dream is not only for me personally. It's for me and the rest of the Body of Believers.  The Holy Spirit also gave me further revelation that I was being seen from God's perspective of me/us.  The clothing I wore was a strong focus of what the dream was about. I wore a long, red skirt, a yellow gold belt and a blue tank that had the Superman emblem on it. I also heard a specific song in the background. The song I heard playing was a popular secular song by Charlie Puth, "One Call Away."  I had heard the song many times, but had never actually given attention to the lyrics. After having this dream two consecutive nights, I decided to do a search of the lyrics of the song. I suggest if you're not familiar with the lyrics, to look them up. God told me He was speaking to me and His Body through the lyrics of this song and for the most part, we've been oblivious to it. When I listened to them, it broke me and I could sincerely feel the Holy Spirit singing that song over me.
We are His Supernatural People
In regard to this dream, the Lord told me I wore the outfit that I had on because that's how He sees us. To the secular world it says "superman" or "supergirl", but God says to Him it says, "Supernatural Girl" (or man).  We are His supernatural people!
The word the Lord is speaking to us is, He is about to send His supernatural men and woman into the market place, into the industries and specifically into the media and entertainment arenas. He's sending His people in, with a targeted focus on women in this season, to have a powerful, Godly influence. It's not necessarily going to look like what you think it's supposed to look like. He says it's time for us to inhabit, indwell and influence the secular industries so it's no longer belonging to the secular realm above the Kingdom realm.  The dominion is not supposed to be that of the world but rather that of the Kingdom.  He's not sending us into these industries with religious condemnations and thumping everyone over their heads with our beliefs.  This move of the kingdom will not look like the preconceived ideas we've had about it. We'll deliver the message He gives to us with gentleness, yet effectiveness, having the ability and creativeness to capture and impress those of power and influence.
God is already infiltrating the secular industry. The media and entertainment fields are already being influenced by His Spirit, but we have not been aware of it being Him who is influencing the movies and songs coming from a great portion of the secular entertainment industry. Has it all been entirely wholesome in the way we think it should be if God is the influencer? No, but keep in mind, He is more than able to deliver a message capable of influencing the chain of command for sending a specific message through media and entertainment. All the while the person or people who are receiving it, still interprets it through the filter they presently are viewing through. Therefore, the message gets put into circulation, and yet still has the world's flavor shown upon it.  It may not be our perfect idea of what it should look like, but consider it likened to an underground railroad in the spiritual realm. We're passing the Lord's messages through to the world, using their own means of transportation, for the purpose of transformation.
It's About Us Reaching the World
This is not about us merely reaching one another within the Body. This is about us reaching the world, that they might be saved. We've been in the confines of our church walls, and our fellowships and it's been good, but now it's time to bust out of those boxes and step out into the world, for the benefit of the world's salvation.
For some there's been a holding back of touching the world with the gospel on their level, for fear of becoming dirty from the sin they're walking in. Greater is He that's in us, than he that's in the world. We carry His presence, so unless we choose to partake in the same sin, we will not become dirty with someone else's sin by choosing to go into their world and loving them with the unconditional love and saving grace of the Father. There's a difference between being in the presence of and partaking in.
We have been empowered supernaturally for this purpose of taking the gospel to the lost. We don't need to be afraid, we don't need to think that we cannot do it, because He's given us everything we need to be equipped for the task at hand.
Not long ago while I was worshiping, I was given a vision from the Lord. In this vision, I saw a large clay pitcher a few feet in front of me. I then felt the urge to walk to it and step inside. As I stepped into the empty clay pitcher, I could feel my body as if it were melding into the pitcher. I willfully became as one with it, and there was no longer a differentiation between me and the pitcher. Even my appearance took on that of the pitcher.
Then I saw a man from the top of the knees down. I saw nothing higher than just above his knees, but I knew it was Jesus. He wasn't wearing a robe or a gown as one might think. He was dressed in casual trousers. (I believe this depicts this present day of age.) He walked over to the pitcher/me, and lifted it up and carried it/me. He carried the pitcher into one place, set it down and allowed it to pour out for a while.  After a specific amount of time, He would then pick it up and carry it into another place, also pouring its contents out for those who were present there. This repeated over and over until the vision ended.
Surrendered Vessels
There's a common theme throughout the two dreams and the vision. God is bringing us a message that the three are all tying in together. The message being, we are a people filled with the supernatural power of the Lord, able to deposit the kingdom of Heaven wherever we go, whether it be through Him strategically positioning us in new careers or within our daily activities in the community we live in.
The vision shows us clearly being a people laying down as surrendered vessels unto the Lord and by His Spirit being carried into wherever it might be we are to personally go. We're not going by our own strength nor are we going alone. His strength will carry us and deliver us and His Spirit abiding in us keeps us continually filled.
"Then he replied, 'This is the word the Lord spoke to Zerubbabel: You won't succeed by might or by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Armies.'" Zechariah 4:6
Taffie Beisecker

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