Signs That You Have the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy by Helen Calder

By Helen Calder

The spiritual gift of prophecy is a special ability given by the Holy Spirit to some Spirit-filled Christians to receive and pass on a message from God to another person, church or group.


The purpose of prophecy is to point people to God and to help grow the church (Acts 2:17-18, 1 Cor 14:4). Exercising the prophetic gift should result in people being brought closer to Jesus; it should help move them towards God's plan for their lives.


Here are some signs to help you identify the gift of prophecy operating in your life:


  1. You Have an Interest in Prophetic Ministry (1 Cor 14:1)


    • You are attracted to prophetic people
    • You have a strong interest in prophetic ministry
    • You are drawn to Christian meetings where prophetic gifts are being used
    • You sense a call from God to prophetic ministry; you also experience doubts at times.  


  1. You Would Like to Help People Through Prophecy (1 Cor 14:3)


    • The purpose of the gift of prophecy, as with other spiritual gifts, is to care for people and bring them closer to Jesus. Prophecy and love work together (1 Cor 13:2).
    • You believe prophecy is a vital gift to help awaken people to the fact that Jesus knows and loves them intimately
    • You long for God to use you to bring a message that will help and encourage individuals, your leaders or church
    • If someone is experiencing trials or is in need of guidance, you have an urge to share an encouraging message from God with them


  1. You Exercise Prophetic Prayer


    • When you pray for people, they frequently comment that you 'prayed the right thing.' They may ask, 'How did you know that?'
    • You often sense that God is directing your prayers when you are praying for an individual, church, group or region
    • You receive insights when praying that indicate God's purpose or outcome for a situation
    • When in prayer, a Bible verse, picture or word often comes to mind that gives you inspiration about how to pray.


  1. You Desire to Learn How to Prophesy (2 Tim 1:6)


    • You are highly motivated to further your understanding of the gift of prophecy and learn how to use it
    • You gravitate towards books and teaching materials about prophetic ministry in Christian bookstores
    • If there is a training session about prophecy you are keen to sign up
    • You would like mentoring in the prophetic gift  


  1. Unusual Events That Indicate You Have the Gift of Prophecy


    • Unusual signs are not a prerequisite to having a gift of prophecy, but they do sometimes occur and so I include them here:
    • You may have had supernatural events or visitations in your life or childhood that indicate you have a prophetic call or gift
    • You may have had prophecies indicating that you have a prophetic calling
    • You are beginning to receive revelations--pictures, feelings, Bible verses and impressions--and do not know what to do with them
    • You see and feel things that others do not experience and as a result may feel strange, or unusual at times.

  1. Other Signs That Point Towards You Having a Prophetic Gift


    • You are more interested in the future than many people and would like to know what God's plans are for your life, your church and for the lives of others
    • If you believe God has promised you something, you get discouraged when it does not take place as quickly as you would like it to
    • You may have a fascination with symbolic actions, illustrations and pictures
    • You may have a strong sense of justice--remember, though, that personality is not an indicator of whether someone has a gift of prophecy.  

If you are a Spirit-filled Christian and can identify with many of the above signs, it is likely that you do have a gift of prophecy.


Note that in the early stages of emergence in your prophetic gift, the strongest indicator is not that you practice prophecy, but that you desire to prophesy.


If you would like to grow your prophetic gift, here are some tips to help you get started:


  • Attend a healthy Christian church where prophetic ministry and growth in spiritual gifts is encouraged
  • Develop your knowledge of the Bible; avoid the temptation many prophetic people have to take scripture verses or stories out of context
  • Learn the basic principles of how to recognise God's voice and how to filter out what is not from God
  • Practice using the gift of prophecy in your own prayer times. A journal is a great way to keep a record of what you believe God is saying and to check back to see whether it was accurate
  • When you do give a prophecy to a person or church, ask for feedback so that you can grow in your gift. Be open to suggestions for improvement
  • Take advantage of good prophetic training when it is available
  • If you are looking for a mentor to help you grow, find someone who is contributing to the life of a local church and accountable to their leaders.


Helen Calder


Visitor Comments (36)

prophecy gift

Hello,Thank you a lot and be blessed.
I'm not called to be a prophete but I did receive Prophecy Gift few days ago by a brother who prayed for me because the Holy spirit told him too,and some hours after, I gave a prophecy to a Pastor about a worry he had and a promise of God about how he had to manage this wory and to trust him.
He told me it was true that he was worried about this and was praying and asking God to help about this in secret.
So I conclude I really received this,then since this experience I'm thirst of developping and knowing more about prophecy Gift ,that's why I arrived here and felt blessed to see this.
I would like to understand it better and that God uses me to give revelation to people who need it in their lives amen!
Thank you dear sister for this article and be blessed.

david obodo

thank you for teaching, all you say is truth about having a prophetic call,
like my I have the gift of prophecy and also looking for mentor.
I like to help people in need .
bless you.

prophetic training

thanks for confirming the things I have inside of me, how can then begin

IM INTRESTED,i desire the gift of prophecy


God is voice

by making your self to him

Sign's of prophetic gift

May God bless you, really you're a Prophet what I just read now is nothing but the truth.

the meaning of signs of prophecy

may God bless you in the work of God which you are doing. I have the intuitive i do sense, feel a kind of sensation flashes of light when praying but i wouldn't no the meaning. i do not know if i have the gift of prophecy. I'm confused at times of what am experiencing. the signs i do get is more than me. please help me out and explain to the meaning. Thanks and God whom you are working for bless you more.

im blessed

Im blessed to hear about this cause I observe God talking ever since childhood and now more than ever I desire to hear more of God and looking for guidance and how to practice my gift out to help and save souls.

Signs of Having the prophetic gift

Thanks a lot for this information. I believe I have almost all the signs that indicate that I have the gift of the prophetic and I need serious help and guidance. Bless you.
Name: Chris Bashiru
Tel: +233 205428189


Thank you very much, I am so much intereseted in learning from you, may God elevate you to another dimension of prophecy, I had a dream angels visited me and told me that when the time is right my eyes will be opened.

What do you think?

What do you think? Do I have the prophetic gift? Is this normal for Christians? Etc.

God speaks to me everyday, ever since about 2 weeks ago when my congregation was told that we need to give Him the respect of writing down what He tells us, and that we need to hear from Him everyday. He's told me who my husband will be, that he will be converted, that we will go on overseas missions (months after this word, my pastors got a word for me that supported this), and die for God. I asked for HIm to open my voice so I can sing to Him, He has and He continues to do so. He says I'll be like Lindell Cooley and Kim Walker-Smith. He's told me of a couple of people who will be physically be healed, and it's come to pass. He's told me someone I know will be healed of a handicap and tells me that He is pleased with him. Some things I just know that I know will happen, which is one way the Holy Spirit communicates with me. He also has given to me the word Russia, and I believe me and my husband will have a ministry there.

i do have some of the signs

I do have some of the signs but i dream a lot and i see things and when i tell people they confirm them to be true so pls pray for me so that my gift will grow


Good evening i used to dream,In my dream i always saw jesus and i we see my self in heaven sometimes,Again i we see my self performing miracle in my dream,But the one that am always suprised is the white bird that alway drop on me in my dream.pls help me

signs of prophetic gift in my life

Jerry Ananya is my name a Bible student in Ghana End Time Harvest Bible College (+233243064629) having this strong feeling in my life that I am called into the office of prophetic and even all the sign's Is day to day thing in my life.

Signs of the prophetic gift

I do have all the signs I have been prophesied upon but I don't know what to do.


Some of the sings are related to me. But I still don't hear God's voice saying something to me, yet I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit almost always when I am praying. Sometimes I talk to the Lord and I recive answers( in my thoughts) that help me, but I don't know whether it's God or my imagination.
Please pray for me to recive and grow in this gift.

developing your gift

Amazing information! Thank you!

At long last

Thanks Helen, I have been struggling to understand this gift. Sometimes I do fear to talk as most of the time is what will happen. I loose friends because of this gift, telling them things and happen later. I don't know how do they think or take me. I can't sleep where there is evil spirits. I feel things before. I sometimes think to kill myself because of things I said and happened as if its me who make them happen. Other time I tell myself not to say anything but there is this thing it doesn't have timing, the more I try to avoid is the more like I am drunk saying things under the influence. Sometimes I dream things when happens is like they repeat. I sometimes ask myself maybe I am mad, or how do I know that I am not right. There are more things that worries me. Dreaming someone dead is not a joke, if you tell and he/she dies. People look at you as if you did something wrong. At work when I look at people they think I can see inside them. Help pray for me, God help me let your will be done


Everything said is true. I experience this everyday. I just called someone to ask how I can develop my gift of prophecy and he did not give me the right answer. But the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to Google. To GOD be the glory. Amen.


I have had supernatural events happen in mylife and feel that god has a plan I have been feeling this plan is prophecy just don't know how to attain it need someone to speak over mylife and have two years back had a minister tell me that I would be going into the ministry just waiting for more direction


thank you so very much Helen for the revelation really appreciate,sometimes when i am in church i will have a slight sleep during the service and i will see vision, last time i saw tall bright men behing the pulpit having something in his hand i dont know what was it and i was shown PSALM 62 please advise

Gift of prophecy

Yes, I can identify with most of the above signs.
Sometimes I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit
and His promptings.

God you are awesome

I just find out that all the mentioned signs belongs to me,
Thank you so very much, may the Lord our God continue to bless you and strenghten you


Really blessed by these and can identify with most. God bless you.

God is faithful

The prophetic is the end time gift according to joel 2:28, God is lavishing grace upon his children, you can contact me for advice at



God your are Amazing

I thank you Helen for Revalation.I'm strungling to unlock and see the glory n the power of God in me.



working in prophetic

thank you o much for the lesson will find the mentor.GOD WILL HELP ME ALSO

working in a prophetic

thank you so much for telling now will find the mentor to help me on my gift.everything that you said has been happening to me may the lord guide me

I have learned a lot from this.

God has really opened my eyes regarding this thing. I now knw what to do

working in the prophetic

hi so I have been wondering if the prophetic is one of the gifts God has given me, and everything that you mentioned really hit the hammer on the head every criteria mentioned has been exactly how I felt and exactly how I operate thank you so much

working in the prophetic

hi so I have been wondering if the prophetic is one of the gifts God has given me, and everything that you mentioned really hit the hammer on the head every criteria mentioned has been exactly how I felt and exactly how I operate thank you so much

You exercise prophetic prayer

It really helped me understand more of my gift .during our praise and worship times I would get a scripture come to mind did share it one or two times but other times missed it instead of sharing did not,every time before a scripture I would feel as though I'm expecting

please respond back

i have these same things occuring, and more.

Can you help me

I want to know as a born again believer what it means to know things. I have had many things happen to me as a christian I cant explain. I want to use my gift for the lord. So can you help me discern what is happening. I know when things are gonna happen ahead of time. I know when people are going to die. I have dreams that come true. I also hear high pitched sounds in my ears, music in my ears, and sometimes I hear voices asking for help. I rebuke the devil, I pray in the lords name. Other things have happened, but As a christian I ask god for help and the holy spirit for guidance. I read my bible and study it, My life is for the lord. I just don't get what this is. If I was in the secular world , I would be called a psychic, medium or empath. I dont want that!! I just want God's intervention and help to explain this.






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