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Arizona Call to Prayer Alert! by Chuck Pierce

By Chuck Pierce

Dear Prayer Warriors:

This is a time that we need to target specific cities in intercession.  Here is an example of this for the city of Phoenix.  Cheryl Sacks (, our USGAPN State Apostolic Coordinator for Arizona and member of the USGAPN Nation Apostolic Council, has sent this request regarding a serial killer/rapist that has been on the loose since December.  Let's watch Phoenix experience a visitation of God and all the evil in its midst be exposed.

At the close of this email, I am providing information on the new book that just got released, Reordering Your Day: Understanding and Embracing the Four Prayer Watches. Once we start ordering our day, we will see the shaking out of criminal activities in our cities (Job 38:12-13). 


Chuck D. Pierce


Arizona Call to Prayer Alert!

Pray with us for the Exposure and Capture of the Baseline Rapist

and Serial Criminals at large in Phoenix!

With nine murders, seven rapes, and 40 shootings linked to a man being called the "Baseline Rapist" and two other serial criminals at large, fear is gripping many Phoenix residents.

The most recent incident occurred June 29 when the Baseline Rapist snatched a woman from a self-serve carwash about 9:30 p.m. at Thomas and 32nd Street located on the same block as our BridgeBuilders and Arizona Call to Prayer offices.

According to police, "He strikes in a flash… It's quick, it appears very calculated. It takes place in just a matter of seconds."  The attacker has preyed mostly on women. Some were alone, others with friends.

The murders began in December, when Tina Washington, 39, was abducted from a bus stop in broad daylight.  Police believe the "Baseline Rapist" is responsible for 19 attacks that also include sexual assaults and robberies.

The attacks have occurred in two district areas: south Phoenix along Baseline Road between 31st Ave. and 48th Street and central Phoenix between 24th Street and 40th Street and Thomas and Indian School. 

Police say that serial crimes are more difficult to solve because they are premeditated and much thought is given to how to avoid being caught. Police have little to go on, and are appealing to the public for information that may help them in solving the crimes.

We are calling intercessors and prayer groups across the nation to join with us in praying for the violent crimes to cease and the assailants to be captured.

Please :

  • Cover in prayer those who live, work and travel in this area of the city.  Our Arizona Call to Prayer offices are right in the middle of the targeted area.  Though we have asked our staff to avoid arriving or leaving the office alone, we do request special saturation prayers of protection for them (Psalm 91).
  • A spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest upon the police and homicide detectives (Ephesians 1:17), revealing substantial clues, tangible evidence, and precise timing.  
  • The predators to be exposed and captured. "There is nothing covered that shall be revealed or hid that shall not be made known" (Luke 12:2).
  • Invite the Holy Spirit to this targeted area-for the spirit of violence and darkness to depart and God's presence to hover over and protect the community, exposing all evil works, and replacing fear with peace.
  • Declare, "Enough is enough."  Decree no more violence, murder, rapes, or robberies (Job 22:28).
  • Pray for the body of Christ to be awakened to take their stand as watchmen on the walls of their neighborhoods and cities (Is. 62:6).

Thank you for standing with Arizona during this time.

Cheryl Sacks



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