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How to Receive your Inheritance by Kathie Walters

By Kathie Walters

How to Receive your Inheritance

(It's easier than you think)

By Kathie Walters 

Kathie Walters

Regarding your inheritance -

First of all you have to be convinced that you do have an inheritance. If I called you and said that your long lost uncle had died and left a few million dollars in an account for you in Switzerland, you would very likely find out as fast as you could how to get to Switzerland and access that account. But if you weren't convinced that you had an account you would just go plodding along as usual. That is called a spirit of slumber. A spirit of slumber doesn't mean that you are lazy and don't do anything - it means that you are asleep to the relevant things of God.

t's a promise 

First of all the inheritance comes through promise, not works. (Gal 3:18) So, you can't earn it. It is a gift. The inheritance is eternal, ( Heb 9:15) and it is sealed with the Spirit of promise. The Baptism of the Spirit is like an engagement ring, a sealing of the promise. This makes the Spirit filled life our inheritance. (Eph 1:13,14). And the Life of the Spirit is meant to be normal for us.

The Spirit of God is powerful and supernatural, He is incorruptible and undefiled. God said that when the Spirit came we would prophesy and dream dreams and see visions (Acts 2:18). When Phillip went to witness and baptize the man in the chariot, its says that the Spirit afterwards "caught Philip away, and the eunuch saw him no more" ( Acts 8:39). God is not limited as we are. There is no time or distance in the Spirit. That is why when we are in the Spirit we can be taken to other nations and see things in the future and have revelation of things that are past.

We are joint heirs

We are called to the realm of the Holy Spirit - that is Gods' realm - where He dwells. We have "Been given the Spirit of adoption whereby we cry "Abba" (daddy) Father (Rom 8:15)." And the same "Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD, and if children then heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ." (Rom 8:15).

Joint heirs - that means we can have what He has. What an awesome and powerful and incredible inheritance. When Jesus died on the cross for you, he did not say "Well I have purchased your eternal salvation and you are going to spend eternity with Me, but meanwhile, do the best you can." No, no He left you a powerful life in the Spirit in order that you can live as He lived and be a witness to His mighty resurrection. " You will receive POWER after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be WITNESSES TO ME" ( Acts 1:8) The apostle Paul said, "I came to you not with words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and in power, " (1 Cor 2:4).

There must be a demonstration of God's power, that is why we are still here on this earth- Our lives are that demonstration - that is why we need to receive our spiritual inheritance and all that God has provided.

So, now are you convinced about your inheritance? Did you realize that the religious spirit makes people feel as though they are somehow not "qualified" for this wonderful inheritance? If I ask people about salvation, they tell me, "Yes, we know we are saved though Christ and His death and resurrection, we have received it by faith and we know we are heaven-bound." But when I asked the same people "Do you know that the realm of the Spirit, the supernatural realm, the angels, heavenly visitations, are supposed to be a normal part of your life? Those same people who are sure of their salvation, will say they feel somehow they are not "qualified" for this supernatural realm. They feel "This is for sister Sue and Brother Pat, who are more spiritual than me. After all who am I to be having all these wonderful things?"

Don't listen to the devil's lies

 A little old devil creeps up alongside and agrees with you. " Yes, who do you think you are to be talking about ministry and going to other nations and prophesying and having visitations from God.?" Don't listen to the lies of the enemy of your soul. It is in his best interest to keep you out of the supernatural realm for which you were born ( again). Just think for a minute. You can't do him much damage in the natural - in fact you can't do anything at all. But when you get in your inheritance and that realm of the spirit then his kingdom is going to shake and the devils and demons around you are going to shake and all kinds of evil things are going to have to close shop and move out of town.

 This last weekend we had a "Mighty Young Warriors conference" in our town, Macon, Georgia. Kids from all over the came and the power of God laid them out under the anointing, then they got up and started praying for people. There were some major miracles and deliverences that happened. I saw a major demonic stronghold LEAVE the area. Something the intercessors had been praying against for years - See the devil couldn't stand to see the power of God like that- especially on the kids!

Guess what - you don't have to "qualify" either

You see you don't have to qualify for this walk in the supernatural. If Jesus qualified you 100%, how then can you un-qualify for something you never qualified for in the first place? That's ridiculous! When I speak of angelic encounters, heavenly visitations, Gods chariots, people say to me, "Well it's OK for you - you have that kind of Spirit ministry." It grieves me when I hear that. We are all meant to have that kind of ministry. Whether it's in teaching, prophesying,. evangelizing, pastoring - it's meant to be supernatural. These are all supernatural ministries - given by God Himself. We are supernatural people - God's own people, bought with a great price, the precious blood of the Lamb.

 Do you think Jesus died to leave you where you are ? No! He purchased you to walk in His ways, in the Spirit. He has given you a new heart and put His spirit within you (Ezek 36:26). Don't you know the Lawgiver is IN you? That's why you don't have to struggle and strive to keep the law. If you walk in the Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. How come ?- Oh, because you don't live in that realm of death anymore. You have been translated into the kingdom of God's dear Son. What a great salvation! What a wonderful privilege to be called the sons and daughter of God! Well you have to walk like a princess or prince and talk like one, and act like one. Live in your inheritance, be who you are -in Christ.

Good News - It's by faith

 So friends, it is by faith that we access our inheritance. You see God cannot minister to our unbelief and our negativism. It is the opposite to His very nature. He is a God of faith. Did you realize that God believes in Himself and has confidence in His own power. If He does then why can't you? He believes in you too. So much so, that He put His own life within you, He has so much confidence that He placed the most priceless jewel in you - His Spirit.

Jesus said, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them" (Mark 11:24).

"Oh you mean, pray and wait and see if it happens and then believe it?" "No believe when you pray, not when you see." "Oh you mean believe BEFORE you see." "Right you got it."

 We have to adjust to the Dove. As Godfrey Birtill sings "If you want to rise above the mountains you must adjust to the dove."

You get what you say-

Jesus said another interesting thing about receiving. He said "(talking about moving the mountain) "..and he does not doubt in his heart. But believes that those things which he SAYS will come to pass: he shall have whatsoever he says." (Mark 11:23) "Oh- it can't be that easy - don't we have to struggle and strive and work at it?"

"No you just have to believe and get rid of the doubt -If you want to please God you have to operate in faith. And by the way you will have what you say , so I would be very careful about what you say."

 Whenever I went to New England in the winter time I would say "I always get a cold when I come to New England in the winter." Well guess what? My faith and my confession worked. I got a cold every time I went to New England in the winter. So I quit saying that and believing that - now I don't get colds in New England I get health and a lot of joy."

 Now I have another gem for you. Did you know that you don't have to ask God for more faith? He already gave you His faith. "To every man is given the measure of Faith," to do what God calls you to do (Rom 12:3) It's not your faith, it's His faith. Well faith works - you don't have to get more - you have to use what you have That's the greatest faith in the world in you right now. The trouble is that a lot of people confuse faith with how they feel. Faith has nothing at all to do with how you feel- faith is what you decide to believe and stand in it. There are faith stories and angel stories in my book "Living in the Supernatural" if you want more encouragemen

There's nothing wrong with your faith - Get rid of the doubt

 It's not your faith that is lacking, it's that fact that a spirit of doubt or unbelief can sit on your fountain of faith.

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By Kathie Walters






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