There is a Rumbling in the Earth! by Barbara Yoder

By Barbara Yoder

There is a Rumbling in the Earth!

by Barbara Yoder


I found this word in my file. It was a word I delivered in July of 2005. It was a very strange experience because I was sitting down behind a table we had on the platform at the church. It was at one of the large women's conferences we had, there were about 500 women present. We were in the midst of having a panel discussion dealing with leaders. Suddenly it was as if an earthquake was happening. I could feel this distinct rumble under my chair as if all of the earth under me was shaking. Furthermore, I not only felt it, I heard it. Everything was shaking, everything.


As I read it, I heard the Lord say this word is for now. I did not send it out then. I held onto it. I believe this word will help guide you, create understanding concerning the times and seasons we are in, and give you the key to the door of deliverance.

The Word


There is a rumbling in the earth.  God is rumbling you out of mindsets, positions, identity, locations, relationships, bondages, fears.  I was sitting here and I could hear it, I could hear this constant ongoing and seemingly unending rumbling of rocks under us, and it was shaking everything.  It was as if we were standing on rocks, round rocks; and they were all moving and rumbling. And they just kept rumbling. We could hardly maintain our footing.


What I want to say is that there is a rumbling in the earth.  God has placed you on unsure footing.  Because He is changing your mind; He is repositioning your feet, to place you where he has been developing you to stand. Not necessarily geographically but within the place that you are assigned.  He is shifting your anointing, he is increasing your strength and courage and even now there is a shaking off of the old. There will be no old left.


Fear not the instability under your feet for it will shake and then it will shake and the shaking will not stop, for the Lord is creating a scenario for massive change.  For the Church will not look as it has in the past.  So look not to the past, but stand in the present, and look to the future.  For the unsteadiness, the insecurity, the instability and the failure to be able to fully define-is of God.  Because he wants you to let go of how you have known things to be; even how you view things; and He wants you to look to Him and to leaders that God has given to you, to reposition you for the new thing.


Fear not the unsteadiness under your feet and also do not try to define it prematurely.  As you wait upon the Lord, the Lord will bring the clarity and the definition.  But even the instability and unsteadiness has been created by him.  There is a rumbling that has already started in the heavens.  But the Lord would declare to you that the rumbling is also now on earth under the feet of leaders, for He is calling us out of the old, out of the past, out of that which would trap us in nonproductivity and irrelevancy, to reposition ourselves for the future.  And we will not only look spiritually different, but we will not look the same physically, the way we have in the past, for we have entered a season of massive change.


Fear not the rumbling, for I will shake you out of the systems and paradigms that have held the Church captive and I will cause you to be poured out in a whole new way to the world.  I am shaking the Church and I am shaking the world.  The rumbling will not soon disappear until it has accomplished its full work to shake the Church and to shake the world.  For I will have a meeting place with my people, and what is left when the rumbling is done will be a people who release the kingdom of God on earth.  And the Church will be poured out into the world. (Heb 12)


As I was pondering this word, the Spirit of God fell on me and I wrote the rest of this now, July 23, 2010.


I am delivering you out of Babylon and I am delivering Babylon out of you. For I will have a people in this hour who like Daniel stood within Babylon but Babylon was not in him. At times fear will grip you like a vise and you will wonder if you can withstand the fear. It will feel like terror will overtake you.


But I say to you it is part of the shaking, I am shaking you out of Babylon and shaking Babylon out of you so that you can stand in the midst and rule. When your shaking is complete, there will come a delivering mantle on you and you will cause the gates of Babylon to shake and its walls will fall.


Fear not When Babylon Falls Around you.


There will be much rubble, but I will release you as I released Joseph and Daniel in the midst of trouble and destruction. And I will deliver many who have been captive in Babylon into your hands. They will see and recognize your deliverer. And they will turn and bow their knee.


Position yourselves, lift up your voices and praise. For like I delivered Jehoshaphat and his people, I will deliver you. Arise Judah and begin to sing, sing like Jehoshaphat's army did before the enemy. "Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever." (2 Chron 20) The battle will rage, at times you will feel like your mind will fail and your heart will faint. You will be overtaken with unspeakable pain and turmoil. Listen not to the raging of the enemy and tormenting fear within you. Your mind will not fail nor will your heart faint.


Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Position yourselves. Lift up your hands to the Lord and begin to sing, "praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever." Fear not what you see and feel for in the midst of the shaking I will create a door of deliverance. Watch for the door. I will open the door of deliverance (escape). Strength will overtake you and you will be transformed into another man, one who has slipped out of the trap of death laid for you. You will move with one step in front of the enemy and he will not overtake you. Lift up your hands, lift up your voice, declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


Keep going, press all the way through, for as you worship I will break out with a "revival spirit" upon you. When that revival spirit breaks out and spreads it will create great light and many will run to it. (Isa 60:1-2) Don't stop, don't give up. I am on the verge of pouring out a miraculous revival spirit upon you. When that happens, every vise will release, every strong-hold will break, every flooded river will part, no obstacle nor hindrance; nothing will be able to deter you nor hold you back.


God is here, He is at work and moving greatly behind the scenes. He is about ready to pour out a miraculous revelation of His Son, Jesus. Christ in us the hope of glory. Don't back up, don't sit down, don't run in panic or fear. Keep going straight ahead.  Radically worship your way through this narrow place for the spirit of revival is about to overtake you. You will know life and freedom as you have never known it before. And you will be delivered into your place when the shaking is done.


Barbara Yoder

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