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The Manifest Presence of God by Steve Porter

By Steve Porter

I was awakened to an audible warning siren. I was jolted out of my sleep but heard nothing and saw no physical evidence of this warning. I felt a quickening in my spirit; that this was a spiritual warning. I heard this through my inner ear but it had an audible sound so loud it woke me up. Even now I don't know if this warning siren was an outward sound or an inner sound. I did know it was the sound of the Lord. My good friend Joel Killion said it best, there is a particular sound which inherently, yet quietly, vibrates within the subtle stillness of God's tangible presence.


And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself: for then shall the LORD go out before thee, to smite the host of the Philistines. 2 Samuel 5:24 (King James Version)


This going is the sound of the Lord at work, moving in His purpose in our midst. This warning was indeed the sound of the Lord at work and was given to me for a special reason.


Hot Spots of My Glory


I heard the Lord say there will be hot spots of my glory.  He than asked me to pray for the west coast, in particular California. I sensed that trouble could be brewing for the state, but the Lord wanted to stop it and bring hot spots of His glory there. California does not stand-alone; many places will have open heavens where His manifest Presence will dwell. I believe a holy visitation will come to California!


I have never heard the term hot spots of my glory, until that morning. I once had a vision of a grid with several lights on it. The Lord said, "In the last days many will be my lighthouses that will reflect my glory." I could plainly see the towns and cities that were represented by a light on the grid. The Spirit will hover over the face of the deep this time we will reflect His glory like the beautiful reflection of the sun rise coming up over the glistening fresh waters of the great lakes. The first time he hovered over the darkness of the deep. Now the Son dwells within us we have the light of God shining through us. He will use His City on a Hill to be a light unto all the world. We will be carriers of God's glory.


God is Pouring out His Spirit


Can we experience the same atmosphere as from the throne room? Does God desire for His manifest presence to invade these hot spots? Yes! God is pouring out His spirit upon the spiritually thirsty and the spiritually discontent. This is the pre-qualification to be a hot spot. He is creating hot spots connected to the throne. These are ones that live and that seek Him full heartily. Many hot spots are already forming. The manifest presence is building.


There are deeper dimensions in God (John 14:2) we have not yet entered. Places in the spirit we have not seen. The Manifest presence of the Lord is on those that desire the deeper realms of the spirit. A direct connection to the atmosphere of heaven is being granted to those who fully have submitted to loving Him. The Lord wants us to know He is preparing a place and a people to be that hot spot they will be the reflection of His very Glory.  


Steve Porter




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