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The Modern Seer (book) by Jim Driscoll
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By Jim Driscol

Introduction by Gregory Mapes
Foreword by Bob Jones

"It is time for the Seer to come forth" - Bob Jones (from the foreword)

The seer gifting is an invitation to come and know God. Discover the gift God has placed within you and how to strengthen it. Drawing heavily on Scripture, The Modern Seer presents this mystical gifting in a straightforward way that is clear and simple to understand. 

You will learn what the seer gifting is, how it works, who can use it, how you can know you're communicating with God and it isn't just your imagination, and - most importantly - how it will dramatically strengthen your relationship with Him.

The Modern Seer, is very practical and a much needed guide to help people develop and understand the seer prophetic gifting. — Doug Addison - Author of Prophecy, Dreams, and Evangelism

For those who desire deeper knowledge of the things of the Spirit, you need to read this book! — Aaron Evans - The Emerging Daniel Company International


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Jim Driscoll is the director and founder of, an online interactive ministry designed to help people grow in their prophetic and seer giftings. He operates in a strong prophetic and seer anointing and has a tremendous and developed gift for interpreting dreams. Traveling throughout the United States and Europe, he teaches on seers, dreams and visions. He and his wife, Mims, and their six children live in South Carolina.

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