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CRediscovering the Kingdom (E-Book-PDF Download) By Myles Munroe - Click To Enlarge
Rediscovering the Kingdom (E-Book-PDF Download) By Myles Munroe
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Rediscovering the Kingdom

 E-Book-PDF Download
By Myles Munroe

As governments collapse, human philosophies fail, and life is crashing down around you, Rediscovering the Kingdom Expanded Edition is your guide through the storms of the 21st century. The 40-day devotional included in this seminal work strengthens your direct involvement in God's eternal Kingdom.

All past ideologies have failed—humanism, communism, fascism, socialism, and even democracy. Yet, this book explains a philosophy that never fails—the Kingdom of God—as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.

Pastor and best-selling author Dr. Munroe unveils the reality and power of the Kingdom. You will be challenged to the core of your religious soul as you are exposed to truths seldom spoken today.

Through these teachings, the weaknesses of religion are exposed, your thinking rearranged, and your life empowered, even in these turbulent economic and political times.

Enter into an exciting supernatural realm where you will rediscover the Kingdom that was meant for you, including:

  • Why power is the pursuit of all humankind.
  • The keys that make the Kingdom function in your life.
  • Why religion cannot solve your problems, or fulfill your deepest desires.
  • Why governments and world leaders continue to fail us.
  • The present and future reality of the Kingdom.

  1. Discovering the Origin and Purpose of Man
  2. Rediscovering the Kingdom Concept
  3. Enter the King and the Kingdom
  4. The Assignment of Jesus: Restore the Kingdom
  5. The Good News of the Kingdom
  6. A Kingdom of Servant Kings
  7. Kings, Prophets, and the Kingdom
  8. The Priority of the Kingdom
  9. Understanding the Kingdom Concepts

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