In these days of uncertainty, one thing is certain, God is good & His love endures. God is not worried & He has a Good plan. Many are asking Him What's next?!  As I also asked God this question, I was reminded of a vision that I had on 12/22/2012. I realized it was a timeless vision from the One who holds time in His hands. In sharing this, I hope it encourages your hearts. I saw the Bride of Christ standing on the threshold. And I heard the voice of our Heavenly Papa say: "Cross over, make a move, take one Giant step forward in Me. It is time for you to realize who you are in Me and it is time for you to realize who I am in you.
Over the years I have had the chance to share many bottles of wine with friends and loved ones. Many have been the moments that have been used as an excuse to enjoy some of the finest offerings from the world's vineyards. Yet out of all of these occasions, there is one bottle of wine in particular that I will never forget. It wasn't so much the events that prevent me from forgetting it as those times have their own reasons why I remember them in spite of the wine. The unshakable memory of why this wine sticks out is because its taste impacted me in such a way that it quite literally changed the way I see and understand wine today.
I'm an extrovert. I thrive when I'm around people. I love crowds and parties. I prefer a minimum of seven hugs a day and I'm known to have two and three-hour conversations with friends. That's why I'm miserable right now, in this era of "social distancing." Telling me to stay away from other human beings is like depriving me of food. I hate it. But I get it. I know we have to protect others from the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. I'm washing my hands. I'm limiting contact. My travel schedule has been cleared. I know I have to tolerate some cabin fever until the worst kind of fever is no longer a threat.
The sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning! I was attending one of Cindy Jacob's speaking engagements in late 2018 when the Lord spoke to me. The following is a paraphrase of what He imparted: My prophets need to begin building me a platform that is large enough for Me to inhabit, to house My glory. My prophets keep postponing my coming, even with the terminology they use to prophesy—there will be a time coming, the new season will begin or in two years from now this or that will happen.
We are continuing a section on tithing. And particularly THE ISSUE of "TITHING-UP." We have already talked about how it should not embarrass us or anger us to talk about proper giving. Jesus talked more about giving and stewardship than any other topic. As a matter of fact, Jesus talked more about giving money than He did about the Kingdom of Heaven. While tithing is not emphasized (or taught) in the New Testament, it was assumed. The early church were Jewish believers who practiced Jewish customs (Acts 2:5, 21:20). In other words, the Jews tithed! They didn't need to be reminded!
The competition among prophets is something really crazy to see. They can all be so sure they have the last and final word on it. Many wouldn't dare consult one another and few agree to differ or see it from a different angle. Some of that is just the make up of being given a certain word to deliver. But sometimes some of the headiness of it swells heads. I've seen young ones who act like prophesying started with them! They mention the past like they lived in it. They didn't. But here is the truth, if they are really called, they are called to live THEIR lives and minister to whom they are called to minister. It's their space in time. If it is enduring, it will live on.
"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10 Soon after the tragedy of September 11 had taken place, some believers publicly declared that God was judging America because of her sins. When I heard that, I could just imagine some terrorist somewhere in Afghanistan agreeing with them and thinking that "god" was indeed using him to judge America. Can you see that something is amiss when both believers and terrorists agree on the same thing?
I never will forget a story I heard years ago. A young prodigy—a pianist—gave his first concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London. His reputation preceded him; the concert was sold out on the day tickets were first available. His brilliance at the piano exceeded all expectancy. When he finished his last piece, the audience went wild. They stood to their feet spontaneously and shouted and cheered. The young pianist bowed quickly and hurried off stage. But the audience was begging for him to come back. The stage manager whispered to him, "Go quickly—they are yelling for you."
In this new era, there are going to be incredible demonstrations of the Lord's power and glory. He is going to reveal Himself in such profound ways that it is going to leave the people of God and the world in awe and wonder of who He is. Since the middle of last year, the Lord has been speaking to me in many different ways about how He is going to move and reveal Himself through children in this new era. We have entered an era where God is going to move in ways we have never seen before, and the fear of the Lord will be restored to the church.
Have you ever passed a police officer and immediately thought, "Oh shoot, was I speeding? I hope I don't get pulled over." You pray the lights don't flip on, and the further you move away the more relieved you feel. But when it's someone else "driving like a maniac," we want the full force of the law to rain down on them. I remember recently wishing justice upon a guy who was riding my tail and cutting people off. "I sure hope he gets pulled over," I thought to myself.