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If you look at other churches and ministries that grow, you will see that they include the other 5 fold ministry gifts of the Spirit and not just their own. There can be a snare though if they just add them to increase their ministry but don't hear. If they favor one ministry over another, (and these things can be easy to do at times), it is like trying to drive with a square tire instead of a round one! But those who truly seek God will find these ministries drawn to them and they will find friends and messages that balance them and move the ministry forward.
I like the Holy because the Holy will take you ABOVE natural life into the supernatural. Many avoid the supernatural because they don't go, or know how to go there in real life. But if you work at learning it in God, (and you will make some mistakes, but He will see you through if you are sincere), but if you are working at learning it IN God, you will find a lot of treasures and helps! Of course the Bible is our foundation. Some of my biggest mistakes have put me on the solid ground to look up! Sometimes your number of friends may be less because not everyone around you wants to "go there," but you don't have to be "weird" to go there, or ritualistic.   You just have to be real with God!
‹Is the party over? I saw the empty boxes piled sky high at the recycling bin by the grocery store yesterday. In some ways it can be a relief that all the pressures of the expectations from others for the holidays are over. But the stores are preparing - I saw Valentines Day supplies and St. Patrick supplies and even gardening seeds out for sale! Yes, the stores will keep the pressures on for the "expectations." To the point, that it's not about choice for what you want to do, but the idol worship of following the craze. If you are feeling a big relief, do a self-check on that. I have. And when I shot down the unrealistic expectations, I felt so much better! And I have gotten better at it over the years.
There is a good fire and a bad fire, and both are intense. And fire that can be used for good, can also be very destructive. This is one good reason WHY we need to have the honor, fear and respect of God. Many have a spooky or unnatural fear of God and this denying of reality is a burden to God. Who can face things head on and discern what is really going on, especially behind the scenes?
Like many of you, I have received attacks on my body at different times, and there have been some serious issues.  But through prayer and faith, and practical helps, a lot has been overcome.  There are appointed times for us, but while we are alive, we do want to give it our best! It's so good to pray the Scriptures and believe in the atoning grace of Jesus through His work on the Cross.  He paid the price for us! 
Proverbs 25:16 NLT - "Do you like honey? Don't eat too much, or it will make you sick!" A wise person understands that too much favor can be hazardous! People want riches and favor and powers, but they can also sometimes miss the Lord who gives it. Just like the children of Israel, we can be tested on this. I speak to myself as well as to others! Jealousy can be cruel, whether it is righteous or unrighteous. There were gold and special fabrics and nice things in the first Tabernacle. The Glory of God was in there.
Have you ever gone through a really bad situation and realized that witchcraft was at work against you? Well, if you have been walking in a sincere serious way with ministry, you have!  Several times, I have asked the Lord why would He allow His servants to go through this hell? And today I got an answer in a way that I can share, in thinking about a situation of attack that I just went through. One of the BEST ways to come against witchcraft is to stand up to it. First, you have to discern it and many times it can take us by surprise.
I had a dream last night of going to a house being built inside of a house. Really it seemed more like a pavilion at the time, but many things were gathered and you could tell a lot of thought had gone into it its construction. I was impressed by some of the things I saw that they had gathered. But the house was inside of the house and the world was outside. I got the impression that the people that would be drawn there would be drawn there from the other house that was over it. I just knew that there was sunshine outside, but that it was also a dangerous place. People needed shelter from the storms and attacks.
I and others have been crying out about the over sheltered self-celebrating church of today that is naive and unprepared and VULNERABLE!  When we do not go out into the world and share the good news reality and joy about God, we only set ourselves up for the other agenda. Our children matter, but so do YOU!  It's not about putting the whole burden on YOUR shoulders but finding your place and position in the Body - and no it's not all easy, but it can be FUNCTIONAL! Don't let "the church" or any other minister tell you that it's all on you. We need to learn how to be Spirit led so that we can do His agenda with the gifts He has given and wants to equip us in.
We NEED the Lordship of Christ. We NEED true discipleship! But too often there comes a disconnect from the true faith, and a lot of that is based on human idol worship. This is a challenging subject but is one the Lord has been highlighting to me for a while. The strength of the Body of Christ in America is at a crossroads, and lot of that is based on the teaching or false teaching that people are getting. We ALL need to come before the Cross of Christ and bow on both knees.






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