God is getting ready to take His church to the next level in these last days. The Lord wants to share keys that will teach us how to live in the eternal realm. As His children, we are called to live the ascension life with Jesus. You are probably familiar with the resurrection life, and hopefully, you are living it out daily. The resurrection life is the overcoming and victorious Christian life that Jesus bought with His shed blood on the cross for us. He died and resurrected so that we might live it! The resurrection life should be the everyday Christian life.
"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!" Matthew 7:11 Our enemy the devil is well aware that the moment you learn to receive God's grace, you will start to reign in life. So, he has been working hard to prevent you from receiving the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. The devil has been using controversy as a device down through church history to prevent believers from having access to the most powerful truths of God.
God has brought us into a new day of the better promises! We have a vast inheritance in the Lord that is just waiting for us. All God requires is that we believe being evidenced by our actions in faith - even taking the Kingdom of Heaven by force! Out passionate faith makes a difference in obtaining His promises in our lives. May the Lord grant you a burning desire with a willing heart to apprehend all that He has for your life and those around you. But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises. Hebrews 8:6
I have been around a lot of prophets, in small towns and big cities, in large ministries and in small. I got my calling in 1976, but the first few years after that were a lot of study. After that, it is "continuing education" in its many forms! There are two strong focuses for a true prophet and that is your personal ministry with and to God and your ministering ministry to people who need His insights. We have not been "chosen" for "celebrity" status, although many treat it that way. (They will learn!) It is a servant ministry to the Spirit and to people. Sometimes your hard knocks are how you will learn!
This weekend, we are celebrating Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter. The Lord is continuing to move with breakthrough anointing, healing, angels, new hope and joy. Throughout the month and beyond, the Lord will continue to reveal His plans and purposes for us. There are new angels being released to help us during this time of transition. It is time to celebrate as the Lord is turning our weeping and mourning into joy and dancing. Wait on the Lord, and stay in a place of encouragement, worship and joy. And don't give up. Be strong and courageous and encourage others around you. This is a time of transition, and breakthrough is here.
Since the dawn of the "positive thinking" message of Norman Vincent Peale in the 20th century, there has been an avalanche of preachers teaching variations of this message. (The "health and wealth" prosperity gospel, "name it and claim it," along with various modes of motivational types of preaching.) When the objective is self-fulfillment, the message often reduces the gospel of Christ to appease the narcissistic dreams of half-baked Christians. The following are nine errors of the gospel of self-fulfillment:
If we think of the term "mood" in a common human sense, we may miss something important about the Holy Spirit: He has moods too! We speak of people as having "good" moods and "bad" moods. We characterize some by saying they are "moody," which usually means they are immature and temperamental. However, the negative connotation of moodiness is not inherent in the word's definition. A mood can be defined simply as "a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion." We can expect the Holy Spirit, as a divine Person, to function in a conscious state of mind and to express emotion in righteousness. It is only our unredeemed human psyches that create "bad" moods that are sinful.
The message of faith and confession that I teach is based on true principles of the Bible. When these principles are misunderstood some people attempt to believe God for millions of dollars when they haven't learned to believe God for the money to pay their light bill. Some have overloaded their faith. Some are operating on little faith and trying to believe for millions. To be successful in life we must all learn to operate on our own level of faith.
In three of the gospels, Jesus taught the people using a parable about a man sowing seed which was symbolic for the Word of God. He gave an illustration about four different types of soil in which the seed was sown. This parable as an analogy of the condition of people's hearts. Some seed fell on hard ground, which describes the person who won't even receive the Word of God because they are not interested. The rocky ground represents those people who receive the Word of God, but don't have enough soil for the seed to take root, so they eventually lose interest in spiritual things.
Now is the time the Lord Jesus is calling His people to attention so that they may stand strong against the enemy for he is coming in like a flood to try to wear them down physically and to rob them of joy which is their strength. They battle discouragement and even fatigue, but most are standing on the Word with head set like flint against the enemy to not back down. They are pressing in standing on the promises of God and even though they have reason to waver in faith because of natural circumstance they choose to trust the Lord.