Many teachers teach "down" to others. They mean well, they come across as being informed and studied, but they teach or preach down to people. They "know," they have the "experience," they have "a position", they have "expertise" - and they might! But if they don't impart something, did you really hear it? Did your soul embrace it? Were you allowed to ask questions? Was it quickly heard and then quickly forgotten, or not employed? Was dinner afterward more memorable?
Recently in a time of prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of many gates opening up, one after another. Then the vision shifted, and I saw many doors opening, one after another. Finally, I saw window after window opening. I was immediately reminded of all the different Scriptures where the Lord opened up doors and windows for and over His people in order to advance and bless them. This is exactly what the Lord is doing in this hour!
I've been blessed to know many wise and courageous ministry leaders over the years. Some have been examples from a distance and others have been mentors up close. But I have also known many leaders whose churches or organizations failed because they didn't adopt the solid principles of leadership found in the Bible. Today I constantly remind young leaders what I've observed. Based on the eight biggest blunders any leader could make, I offer this cautionary advice.
Do you spend time worrying about things in life that are beyond your control? Are you constantly trying to figure situations out? If that's you, I want to let you know that you can rest in God and trust Him to fight your battles for you. It took years for me to learn that worry is useless. All it did was aggravate me and it didn't change a thing. Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair and rocking all day - it keeps you busy, but you get absolutely nowhere. At the end of the day, you're still sitting right where you were when you started.
During a recent prayer time, the Lord took me into a vision that I believe is pertinent for the body of Christ as a whole, and more specially for YOU today. To start the vision, I saw a puzzle that was missing a piece. There was a group of people trying to find the missing piece and, pun intended, it was puzzling everyone as to where it could be.The scene changed before I saw a hand brushing some type of "find" in a desert setting. The hand was brushing an archaeological fragment that was still stuck in the ground.
I was recently asked to do an interview about my personal journey with breast cancer on one of Moody's radio stations. As I prepared for that interview, God reminded me of all I learned through my breast cancer experience. Since October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought I'd share some of those lessons here with you, my friends! A routine mammogram found my cancer. Now let me just say there's nothing routine about a mammogram! Right, girls?! However, that mammogram saved my life. (If you haven't gone yet, friends, go for your mammogram!)
This is a season of divine emergence! God recently spoke to me that His people are coming out of a cocoon season. A cocoon season is a transitionary season, not a permanent one. Itââ'¬â"¢s not your landing place. But when you are in it you often don't know how long it will last for.
My newest book Finding Your Place is now available worldwide, and I must say that I'm already blown away by the tremendous response. I'm humbled. Not since You Are the Game Changer has there been such an overwhelming response in the first few days of being released. Do you feel lonely? Do you feel lost? Does it seem as though no matter how hard you try to find your footing and a sense of clear direction; the road ahead just seems so out of reach? Does it seem like destiny is something for everyone else but not for you? Well, if so, Finding Your Place is a must-read, and it's a prophetic, inspiring message to you, from me, with love and pride. I'm proud of you, and I want you to know that.
Believers have faith in God. But to manifest a greater degree of our God-given abilities, we must have the faith of God! This increased measure of the faith of God working in us has the power to change our current, personal identity. When we operate in the God kind of faith, we will discover that our new, Christ-centered identity also transforms our destiny. By embracing the necessary process of change, we bring the present realization of our vision into our now. When these changes are incorporated into our imagination, and subsequently mixed into our waking life, we act differently and become a new creature in Christ, clothed in the power of His righteousness.
For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9 NIV The Lord is sending out a wave of new strength and encouragement. There is a new power and anointing starting this month to help you through. New strength, peace and hope are being imparted to the weary and anyone in need of a drink of the Spirit. Do not be discouraged and don't give up. December marks a turning point for you. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV