God is Breaking Fear!!!! By Lana Vawser

By Lana Vawser

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I have felt such an anointing over the song "No Longer Slaves to Fear" by Jonathan and Melissa Hesler.  I have sensed the battle raging in the spirit as the enemy has increased his attack against the people of God because of what God is doing right now.
God is Breaking Fear!
Strongholds of fear that have kept the people of God captive for decades, and for some their entire life. God is moving powerfully in this season to break fear off His people.
The fear that has kept them crippled, hindered, hidden and tormented. For many, they have fought and fought fear, but have been unable to gain much ground before it rears its ugly head again.
I believe that the Lord is doing a worldwide corporate breaking of fear right now in this season, as it is time for the Church to take her place and fear has held her back for too long.
God is Blowing the Whistle on Fear
I saw many of the people of God hindered and held down by fear. They had these figures of fear attached to their backs. As they tried to move forward, the fear would push them further and further down, until they got to a place where it took all their strength to just keep standing, let alone trying to move forward.
I then saw the Lord and He took a beautiful golden whistle and BLEW it. As He blew, these beautiful bubbles were released from this whistle. They were big bubbles and in the center of each of them I could see the Cross. That old rugged Cross and from the center of the cross emanated the most glorious bright light that was so welcoming and inviting and it filled the entire bubble with COLOR. Rainbow colors. These bubbles were so attracting because they emanated such LIFE.
I saw these bubbles carried by the breath of God, knowing exactly in which direction they were going and they hovered over the people of God and then suddenly they BURST.
It Rained Revelation  
It was like the people of God were standing under a waterfall of the most glorious colors I have ever seen. As they were being saturated in this revelation, they were COMING ALIVE. The revelation of the Cross, of His glorious LOVE and LIFE that He purchased for them at Calvary was bringing them ALIVE in the LIFE that was already theirs.
As revelation was poured out, it was like acid upon these fear figures. They could not handle the revelation and they began to scream and shriek and RELEASED their hold and FLED and the people of God were coming BACK TO THE LIFE that was already theirs from the foundation of the world.
"His perfect love is casting out all fear." 1 John 4:18
Restoration of All that Fear has Stolen
I then saw Jesus walk up to the multitudes of His people that have been caged, crippled, tormented and hidden by fear, one by one and He handed them a basket. In these baskets were the most glorious fruit I have EVER seen. The colors SO vibrant and they were just radiating joy and life. They looked SO alive I thought they were going to jump out of the basket and begin to dance.
The people of God began to eat this fruit that the Lord had given to them and as they ate, wounds were being healed, broken things were being restored, hope was abounding.
I then realized they were feasting upon revelation and blessing. The revelation of His goodness and love was contained within each piece of this fruit as they ate. Each blessing of restoration He had given them was opening their eyes more to Him and their IDENTITY in Him.
He turned to me and said "Fear has kept my people hidden. It is time for My people to take their true position. It is time for My people to LEAD."
It is Time for My People to Lead
I knew what He was saying. It was time for the people of God to take their place. As we enter into some of the greatest seasons of revelation and depth of intimacy with Him we have ever experienced, we take our place.
Whatever area of life the Lord has assigned to us, anything He has given us, it is time for us to lead, to show the world how to live life and thrive in HIM.
It is time for the Church to lead in the world. As the world is becoming more and more fearful, the Lord is now breaking fear off His people on a worldwide corporate scale to raise them up in courage, boldness and confidence to take His message of hope and love to this world, to be light when there seems to be so much darkness around.
A movement of love is spreading across the world. A people rising up who know they are radically loved and radically LOVE and are free from fear.
Stand tall in this season, do not be afraid when the Lord brings you to a place of facing those fears, because He is leading you to a place of LIFE you have not known before and the WORLD is going to reap the benefits of your freedom. People will come to know Jesus because of YOUR testimony of freedom.
Fear is hitting hard in this season. Many have felt greatly opposed but that is because there is great promotion.
You are being set in motion moving deeper into the life and things of God KNOWING YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD and as you receive these deeper revelations, FEAR WILL NOT TOUCH YOU!
You are moving into who you were created to be!!!!!!!!
Lana Vawser

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Michael - Being Released From Fear

I can readily identify with this testimony, as I have just been released from a lifetime of fear due to schizophrenia disorder. My mind is totally and absolutely renewed by the anointing and power of God, for as Scripture says, In that day the yoke shall be broken and the burden shall be lifted because of the anointing oil. Isaiah 10:27.