Prophetic Review of 2018/5778 by Barbie Breathitt

By Barbie Breathitt
Looking Back at What We Achieved in the 2018 Year of the Door and Wilderness Wanderings of 5778. 2018/ 5778 was the year of God's great grace and favor that brought us into complete freedom with His mighty atoning hand resting on us. The number 18 means bondage, so there was a need for an impartation of power and wisdom to overcome the enemy to obtain our established blessings and gain righteous judgments. God's presence inspired abundance that sprang up in our lives so that we sang a new song of joy and deliverance. God prepared His Bride to walk with Him in complete wholeness being full of spiritual perfection.
Prophetic Review of 2018/5778 by Barbie Breathitt
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Looking Back at What We Achieved in the 2018 Year of the Door and Wilderness Wanderings of 5778.
2018/ 5778 was the year of God's great grace and favor that brought us into complete freedom with His mighty atoning hand resting on us. The number 18 means bondage, so there was a need for an impartation of power and wisdom to overcome the enemy to obtain our established blessings and gain righteous judgments. 
God's presence inspired abundance that sprang up in our lives so that we sang a new song of joy and deliverance. God prepared His Bride to walk with Him in complete wholeness being full of spiritual perfection. We were developed through the sanctification, purification processes of consecration. This empowered us to transcend man's physical limitations where we used to rely on our natural state of existence.
In the year 2018 we saw the prophetic teacher emerge to give revelatory understanding of the new beginnings God had inscribed on His calendar. We accessed new realms of understanding so that we could rule in ways we had never experienced before. A fresh circumcision of the flesh brought forth a new degree of spiritual strength so that we now carry a fat anointing that empowers us to breakthrough into abundance and resurrection power.  
Year of the Door
2018 was the year of door.  "For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries."1 Corinthians 16:9Doors are linked to your new boundaries. We went to war against the "ites" and took these giants down because their possessions are all part of our promised provision. 
We dismantled the trip wires and explosive land mines that Leviathan has set over the thresholds of every new doors of opportunity. Judah's praise went through the door first to release the wind of grace for breakthrough. We decreed "No snake or dragon is going to keep us from going through the door!" We placed the python spirit under our feet and crushed his head. This caused him to release his coiled constructions so that we are now free to walk through any doors set before us. 
The struggle through the Dark Night of the Soul ended when we agreed with God's processes, repented and stopped resisting the need for change. The Holy Spirit wind continued to blow us through the door of vision into a much brighter and broader future. We learned how to enter into and maintain a state of rest in the Lord to obtain our healing (Isaiah 58). 
Believers were able to discern the lion hidden behind the door and the lion that stands boldly before the door as we are often caught between two roars. The Lion of Judah roars, "Do not fear, open the door, gain energy and momentum to run into your inheritance to occupy and advance for I am with you! War forward against your enemies to unlock your financial fullness of provision for the next season." The other roar is the enemy. His lying voice tried to stop us in our path, to paralyze us and devour us through fear, intimidation and false news and accusation. We were able to carefully discern what and who to take forward with us into this season of open doors. We left old distractions and stubborn people who refused to change behind. If we had continued to carry them their weight would have perverted and warped the way we advanced as a new prototype. 
A new spiritual perspective removed the scales from our eyes so that we were able to see new contacts, doors and resources that were within our ability to reach, create, and market so that we obtained their wealth. God went before us and His angels paved the way for us to gather in manufacture success, harvest souls and glean new ideas. We caught up with what had been waiting for us on the other side. We obtained our goals and fulfilled a major part of our destiny. The promises of God moved onto the center of our path; so we aligned to prosper and moved with His promises. 
Goodness and Lovingkindness
The year of 2018, we who reverently feared the Lord celebrated God's saving goodness and lovingkindness as He set us free from distress and the fear of man. As we placed our trust in God He positioned Himself as a safe refuge on our behalf. In 2018 we triumphed against princes of nations who swarmed against us like angry bees. The fire of God engulfed those who set themselves up to oppose God by pushing against God's agenda. 
A sound of joyous shouting and strength arose out of our mouths as we celebrated the powerful valiant right hand of God's salvation. God protected us from the destructive plans of evil by openly exposing the enemies that dwelt among us. They were not able to carry out their diabolical plans of destruction because a spirit of confusion caused them to betray each other. The foundations of their deceptive structures began to crumble and God revealed their true radical, left, liberal nature and intent to bring harm. We lived, prospered and did not die to declare the works of God's glorious acts. 
The severe discipline, fiery trials and strategic testing of the Lord have prepared us for promotion as we walk into the righteous gates of His power, prosperity and success! As we came in the light of God's names He multiplied His lovingkindness, grace, freedom and joy in our lives. During this Elul time of year our repentance gave us greater access to God's presence, and forgiveness where we were favored with good fortune. As we learned to stand in faith, stay steady and steadfast under God's protective wings we calmly observed the intensity of the situations at hand and released God's overcoming power through prayer and prophetic decrees. 
Trusting God's Might
We renewed our mind with the Living Word of God. We entered into peace, learned how to be still, trusted in God, repented, and released those who sinned against us and forgave the past. We were able to align in a new way in order to discover a prosperous future. 
We focused on lifting God's names higher. When He was lifted up He lifted us up over the adversities and we overcame our struggles. God crowned us with glory to advance and finish well. We gained revelation of the various numerous names of God and we are given layered expanding knowledge that expressed the greatness of the IAM's of God's grandeur. 
We trusted in God's might! Commanded the destructive winds and violent rains to be still. We studied to learn to know God's names and attributes for they carried us through the hurricanes, tornados, fires and storms of life. In every situation we learned to be joyful, gave thanks and declared, "It is well with my soul!" The joy of the Lord strengthened us to possess the greatness and grandeur of the measure of promises God had reserved for us.  The promise of the Holy Spirit gave us access to God's wisdom and His power through a new covenant that was written on the tablets of our heart Jeremiah 31: 31-34. 
Godly character was forged in the furnace of affliction as fiery trials increased the measure of our obedience. Life was good for the generous soul who conducts their affairs with integrity. New generosity got us through by causing the devil to flee (Psalm 112).
God formed us from the earth. He also reformed us from the earthly trials and tests we encounter.  He was saying, "Be still and know IAM is God. IAM the One who blew the Breath of the Spirit in to refresh, and transform you so that you emerged in My power to demonstrate My ways." 
Brokenness enabled us to respond in humility as we submitted our will to God. The Word of God tested and tried us until we learned to trust God's power in our life. Every time we overcame it was because we agreed with God's process so we ascended into another dimension of faith and level of revelation. We were continually evolving and ascending to a higher level of glory. 
Hell wanted to keep you bound to the past through doubt and unbelief. Betrayal tried to overwhelm, cause rejection and abandonment issues. The enemy tried to make us feel fatherless so that hopelessness could be established as an iniquitous pattern in our generational bloodlines but the Holy Spirit blocked every attempt and limited the measure in which the enemy could move.  
We overcame presumption in order to stay in proper timing we did not miss the access to our promises. Rejection was not able to stop us. (Luke 4:16-30; Matthew 13:53) We succeeded by focusing our attention on Christ and His purposed calling on our lives (Luke 4:8-12, Psalm 91:11-12, Exodus 17:7). 
The enemy attempted to develop strategies that would create and compound distractions so that he could plunder our losses. He created avenues of captivity but he failed because we maintained our focus on our God given vision as we harvested our fields. Our barns were full because we brought our First Fruits to God we recovered losses, were restored and gained momentum that hell could not stop as we advanced God's kingdom. We learned to overcome when we patiently resisted the temptation to demand that all of our physical, material needs be met now (Luke 4:3-4, Deuteronomy 8:3, Exodus 7). 
We battled the temptation that desired a greater glory, measure of sphere of authority, influence and dominion than our true character could sustain. We credited and praised God for all of our gifts, talents and abilities (Luke 4:5-8, Deuteronomy 6:13).
The previous generation did not overcome their demons. So we had to not only conquer our demons but also the enemies of our previous generations to insure the success of the next generation could move forward. We learned to manipulate time for our benefit. We accomplished God's will and prevented God's agenda from being postponed for another generation. 
Uncharted Territory
Wilderness is an uncharted territory that is in between the earthly, natural spheres of soulish response and the spiritually, divine realms of wisdom that is not of this world.  
God launched an apostolic prototype or pattern. These emerging leaders began to pioneer a new order of anointed power-filled believers that know how to work with the angelic realm. Please read my latest book, "ANGELS IN GOD'S KINGDOM" to gain a full understanding of how to operate with the angelic realms. 
As we entered into God's rest we saw the catalyst angels push things over the top breaking every curse that had bound and held us captive. We had been pushed back with the feeling of losing territory for a season. But, we regrouped, gained strength, pushed back and went over the top and finished well. We emerged as the prototypical pattern with the wisdom and freedom to pioneer a new beginning that set captives free.
We glowed with the fire of the Spirit's power so that we enhanced the manifestations of God's promises. As we stood and resisted the enemies' forward motion he fled from us. We learned how to engage the angelic realms in order to war through walls of opposition. We accessed both the spiritual and natural gates of opportunity preparing us to succeed for the next 3 years, 2018 -2021 so that we will obtain all of our spiritual promises. 
Wilderness was a time of exile where we experienced an isolated place of godly focus that empowered us to be transformed into His image. We experienced a spiritual transformation in the wilderness that enabled us to take on the identity of the Bride of Christ.  Maturity, wisdom and knowledge are required to fulfill the destiny promised to us by God. 
Going Through the Everlasting Door
To enter and exit the wilderness we go through Jesus the everlasting door. We got in touch with what caused us anxiety and fear then rolled our cares upon the Lord for He cared for us. Keys were gained in the wilderness. These keys of authority empowered us to press through mental strongholds and physical limitations in order to obtain godly wisdom to change. We were given wisdom to know how to put our old ways and sin patterns to death. God and His angelic army split our Red Sea wide open so that we could walk right through it on dry ground. We celebrated the angelic intervention and rejoiced over the divine wisdom we gained in the wilderness. 
The Wilderness warred against our new identity. We put our emotional, carnal desires to death to prevent Satan's lies from empowering demons that attacked, controlled and tried to rule our future. No more fear! We became bold and broke into a new realm of empowerment. We left the old behind and transitioned into a time of activation that propagated what was seen and will now manifest in the future.
We demanded that the enemy to leave our presence and take his hands off our divine alignments. We carefully discerned and watched his movement and learned his patterns while we were in the wilderness Luke 4:21. 
We discovered that if we entertained a religious spirit that the enemy would us the Word of God against us. We learned to discern the Spirit of Truth. Jesus prayed for us, just like He did for Peter, that we would overcome so that we could exit the wilderness without any emotional weaknesses so that we could obtain the grandeur of our future, hopes and promised destiny.  
The Holy Spirit led us to overcome our past by facing off the enemy's of our past, present and future in the wilderness (Luke 4, Genesis 7:4, Exodus 24:18; 1 Kings 19:8 John 3:4). We broke off any enemy attachments so that they are no longer able to overtake or captivate us Matthew Chapters 3 and 4. Now we are ready and well able to move forward into 2019 / 5779!
Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

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