Here Comes the Sun in the Son by Lana Vawser

By Lana Vawser

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Like a swallow or a crane I chirp; I moan like a dove. My eyes are weary with looking upward. O Lord, I am oppressed; be my pledge of safety! Isaiah 38:14 ESV


Many of you have been feeling oppressed, and beaten down by areas of your life that you have been believing and waiting on for My healing and deliverance.


For many of you the past month has been difficult, it has been full of bumps in the road, despair at times, depression, opposition, physical infirmities and hardship and loneliness. Many of you have felt that you left a beautiful mountaintop of light to walk through a deep dark valley, feeling like you are walking alone.


Do Not Give Up


Many of you are weary of looking up, many of you are weary of believing, and weary of standing, but I say unto you, I have not tarried, for all things are working together for your good My people. I say to those of you, who are in fear, those of you crying out for healing “it is well, it is well”.


Do not give up My people, do not weary in believing for all the good things that I have said I will bring into your lives. Even though the darkness and circumstances around you seem unchanging, I say unto you today, that as you hold onto Me, you will see the sun rise in your darkness. You will see the SON rise in the areas of your lives that you are crying out for and you will see healing, restoration, favor, provision, change and deliverance come into your lives.


Keep waiting on Me, My people. I will not leave you thirsty in a dry and weary land. I am ministering to you, and coming into your worlds in ways you can't even imagine to bring healing, freedom and deliverance.


You Will Soar


The enemy is attempting to distract many of you who are stepping into the next phase of your destiny in Me, the enemy is attempting to hinder you from moving into this next area with power, My power and strength. The enemy is seeking to cause you to limp into these new areas, but I say unto you My people, as you rest in My presence, you will SOAR into these new areas. You will overcome; you will see victory, My victory displayed through you. You will see chains of infirmity caused by trauma, fall to the ground, you will see oppression cause by the enemy melt away in My presence, you will see areas where the locust has eaten away peoples finances, restored with the provision that is needed.


Worship Me, Worship Me, Worship Me!!!! All that is happening around those of you who are walking into new areas I am calling you too, the afflictions you are facing are but smokescreens. Blow away these smokescreens with the decree of My Word and truth of My presence.


Soak in My presence, decree My truth that I hand to you, and watch the smoke disappear. Watch your circumstances change, watch emotional and physical afflictions being healed.


Great Victory Shall be Yours


The sun is rising! The SON is rising! I have not forgotten. I am not distant. I am moving now and great victory shall be yours as you continue to look to Me, wait on Me and trust Me, and My people, the VERY AREAS that you have been afflicted in are the very areas I will use you to set others free.


REJOICE! The winter is over! Rejoice! The darkness is dissipating, rejoice the SUN is rising. Just when you thought you were going around the same mountain again, I the Lord your God am rescuing you. In the night hours, the moments when you sleep, I will bring healing, freedom and deliverance to many. Go to sleep My people EXPECTING to encounter Me. Great moves of My Spirit await you!!!


Lana Vawser


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