Let Their Cries be Heard by Yolanda Ballard

By Yolanda Ballard
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The flesh must die so that the spirit may live.  Join hands with Me around the world so that I may have reverence bestowed upon the hundreds of millions of martyrs who die for Me every day, not just a physical death, but financial, emotional, every way possible. They live so that I may have the opportunity to enter those places many dare to enter for these are even the places that angels dare to tread.

These are the places where many face lions in My name.  These are the places where deep dark secrets are told where many share in the sufferings of Christ, for in these dark dungeons many experience the stories that the early church lived, where John the Baptist was beheaded, where Stephen was stoned, where Jesus carried the Cross, where lions ate them as their meal, where many were burned for their faith. 

Listen to their cries in the dark of night as they cry out to Me, their Heavenly Father, for I listen to their cries and their pain as they take the blows against My forehead once again and again.  For they are My beloved faithful ones who loved not their lives unto death.  They held on to their faith no matter what the cost and were the seeds planted in the earth that a bumper crop harvest could grow up from. 

Mighty Warriors of Christ

Listen to the cries of their hearts as they take the sufferings so that you may be free to spread My word around the world.  They are those who give you the strength that you may stand strong.  They are those who take the pain so that you don't have to.  They are those who are the mighty warriors of Christ, the brave and courageous ones who have a double portion of My anointing who stand up to the lions in My name and would not back down.

These are the ones who receive double honor before My throne.  They are the soldiers of Christ that carry a banner of My love into battle who fight for the souls of men that I gave My life for.  All hail the power of Jesus name.  Let all kings prostrate fall.  For they are kings and priests around My throne.  They paid the price that you could never pay.  They paid the ultimate sacrifice…. their life for the salvation of multitudes for truly they were the seed planted in the ground so that a mighty oak tree could spring forth from.  Unless a seed dies no life can come forth. 

Let their voices be heard.  Let their cries be upon your heart.  Let not their life be in vain without it accomplishing what it was sent out to do.  One life for the lives of many.  They walked in My footsteps along the same path.  As they suffered they cried, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."  They had the same spirit as I have.  I was the seed planted so that multitudes could rise up to carry My same cross…one life for the life of many.  Give them double honor for they gave their lives for their brother, the price of unconditional surrender, unconditional love.

Yolanda Ballard


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