Allegory: God's Self Talk by Pam Clark

By Pam Clark
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GOD:   I am going to create a being for fellowship.  I'll make him a lot like Me so we can get along well.  I'll share and show him things, and we will even create some things together.  Hey, I like this idea!
GOD:  Man is adorable and he likes the world I have made all around him.  He really gets into all these animals, and I've let him name them all.  But he does seem a little lonely still.
GOD:  I have a great idea.  I will give him a counterpart, a help meet.  They will be able to see themselves and Me in and through each other, and look to Me, who in completion will find this a great joy and so will I.  I'll take a large part of him and make her his bride, like they will be My Bride, add a little dust arranged just so.  Hey, he likes her!
GOD:  They are having a blast and I love all their kids.  And they are a curious bunch.  But that's good because I want them to discover all who I Am.  I Am just not going to let this thing mess up.  Jesus is with Me on this, and of course, the Holy Spirit.  We are in agreement!!!
GOD:  Earth to Heaven, we have a problem.  I didn't think they would fall for it but they did.  That serpent Satan is a devil, the father of ALL lies!  Jesus, our plan has to go in motion.  Oh how My Heart breaks, but I really love this creation.
GOD:  Abraham hears Me.  He wants to hear Me!  Let's start making some promises to him, and keep him encouraged.  Oh look at Moses, he does have a heart for this.  Mankind, hear Me!  I want to do you some good!  Let's see what else I can do and who else I can use.  There are a few!
GOD:   Interesting bunch here - some days are some days.  Some days I get disappointed, but some days My Heart bursts with Love for them.  I sing over them with joy!
GOD:  My precious daughter Mary, she is willing to pay a huge price.  I am going to honor her.  Jesus, thank You.
GOD:  Oh!  It's breaking My Heart, but My Son Jesus, He is obedient, and so willing to make me happy.  He is paying the price, a horrible price for My Joy, but I will have My Children.  I will honor Him.
GOD:  The devil is a devil, but I will have My Bride!  She is going through the fire but she will be beautiful to Me!  She is beautiful!  I can see Her already!  Come forth, My Beloved!  Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!!!  We will overcome Together.
Pam Clark
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