Realms of the Unknown by Yolanda Ballard

By Yolanda Ballard
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Out of the deep into the blue.  What does it actually mean to minister out of the imagination?  Does it mean that you are traveling within the realms of your own soul and believing it is of Me?  There is a thing that is called a sanctified imagination, and that includes those things that I show you and enable you to bring forth on paper as prophetic art, but how far does this realm go before it is heading into the other man's camp, that is the evil realm?
Yes, out of the deep into the blue for the realm of the deep includes all the colors but the memory could only include the color "blue."  Where does all this lead to? I am not limited, and I don't move within your own imagination but Mine, and you must know the difference.   This is not a safe place to be depending on for the imagination of man can easily bring about a mixture of good and evil.  You must come out of the realm of the imagination and into the realm of My spirit which is a safe place.
Be Wise as Serpents and Gentle as Doves
When you enter into realms that can become controversial, you can easily cross over into the enemy's camp for he is trying to set up multitudes for the ultimate delusion where they believe they are going into the heavenlies which are Mine, but they are actually going into the danger zone which is the occult. Where does all this lead to but the great apostasy which many have read about in My word.
Many didn't have any idea how this would come about if many are sincerely following Me.  Many have lost their discernment because wolves in sheep's clothing have entered into the camp, and they have fed the sheep false manna and they ate.  Just like Eve taking a bite of the forbidden fruit and gave it to sheep took a bite and passed it to another, and they have brought poison into the food that they were to eat.
This has brought about much heresy, and now the occult has entered in.  There is witchcraft, new age practices, the kundalini spirit, leviathan, and many other deadly serpents.  Yes, be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.  And I tell you this day to not partake of the unclean thing for surely it will take you down with it, says your Lord.
Yolanda Ballard
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