To Do or To Be? by Pam Clark

By Pam Clark
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You can DO missions or you can BE missions. You can DO the Gospel or you can BE the Gospel.   The difference is that you take on "a role" if you DO them.  You step in and out of something.  If you "BE" (or are) something, you take on the whole person and then what you deal with is personal, and many, I find, don't like to go there.  People hide in there and it can make church seem treacherous.
When you work at "being" something, you will make mistakes, but, you are putting it out there for it to be tested and that is how growth happens. You also make yourself vulnerable.  BEING the Gospel put Jesus on the Cross.  But you CAN learn how to do this in the Lord!
You can learn "the system" or you can learn "The Lord." We sometimes call it "works" versus "Spirit." If works were good enough, and in some places they are, then everything is based on works and you long to hear the "well done."
But the Spirit heals and the Spirit makes alive, and the Spirit does the supernatural and so then - in the Church - we have conflict!  No one wants to be judged by others. And the Bible works to teach us to judge ourselves, so that we won't be judged.  But it's not easy!
Denominational Wars
We have to learn to forgive others, and ourselves!  Some even get into church wars over the denominational doctrines.  Then they get so busy competing with that, that they miss the world they are to reach, and don't realize that no one is respecting them like they are respecting themselves!  They have missed Jesus altogether, even though they claim His Name.
They will say, "We are saved and everyone else is not unless they see it like we do." And they will put His Name on that and find followers.  It's very sad when you see it.
On the other side, when we get "in the Spirit," we can make idols out of people who are obviously not God. But they manifest some glory, and people make idols out of them, only to get angry at them when they see their flesh.
What it comes down to, really, is a changed life. Sometimes you need the healing and supernatural to survive!  But "the encounter" is what changes you.  The encounter changes YOU, you don't change to adjust to it and come up with a new works plan. The encounter will give you a works plan, because you are changed and you have a fresh vision!
Is He with you in the plans? I have seen this more than once in my life, and that is when a Visitation occurs, you have a room full of different people. Why? Because the people are changed when the anointing comes and they have to learn who each other is all over again.  Instead of the natural gifts on the surface, the Spiritual gifts come up, and they have a power.  So there is a new and different interaction.
A mechanic suddenly becomes a song writer. A teacher suddenly has the anointing to preach and evangelize. The president of the company suddenly has a heart for the poor and needy.  But the momentum can't be sustained without the abiding anointing.
If we go into works mode, then we go in the strength of the flesh, but if we go in Spirit mode, we go in the mighty power of the Lord.  We have to cultivate that in our spirits.   We can sometimes go into works mode because of our encounter or someone else's, but if we missed Him, we missed it all!
It's like the preachers who win the world and lose their families. The kids want nothing to do with the Lord because they saw works only.  But even worse are those who turn against the Lord because of what they saw.   It is going to take God to help us and we have to seek Him for it.
In One Place Together
Now the outpouring of the charismatic wave in the Spirit had a very unique thing that went on. The Presence of God drew people from MANY DIFFERENT denominations.  They gathered for weeks and even years at a time together "in one place together" for Him.  And when His Presence lifted, then many of them went back to their denominational backgrounds.
But some hung in there together in more independent churches.  Remember how the "non-denominationals" practically became a "denomination" of their own almost?   The works churches used to scorn them for not having their act together in a system, I do remember!  There was even a section in the yellow pages for "Non-Denominational" churches, and is there maybe still.  What is that? For a while we knew, but now it could be anything, LOL.  People wanted to break away from the restrictions of form into more life, because the restrictions of traditions crowded in.
But here is the question - does Jesus love me?   Or do I have to perform a certain way to be loved?
We have our right wing group that really supports the family.  So many have found that you have to be a family to get into that group and have some acceptance. (Did you know that 50% of the population is single?)
But a whole lot of people realized there was a cut off in the Spirit for them there and because they were not a family like "everyone else," or their families had problems and were not the "ideal" family, they felt rejection.  They put up with the church for a while and then many left.  The core group, because it is based on a good principle, has hung in there, but when "the Love" left, so did a lot of the people.
Many started their own type support groups, and they were scorned by the churches, and some of that was based on wrong doctrines, but many of those people went looking for Love in some of the wrong places because the Church didn't have the time or the right resources for them.  God is not lacking, man is the needy one!
The Presence of God Brings Healing
Because we do have a standard of the Word of God - and interpreting that can be controversial - but when the Anointing is on the Word, it can change the hardest heart, and heal many wounds.  The Presence of God is there to heal them.
When the Anointing is on the Word, things are less about works and more about His Spirit.  A Person is now there to be interacted with.   The Anointing has a power of its/His own and even a Personality.
But we have to know the difference between something anointed and the Spirit.  It's tricky, I know! But Jesus said to judge by the fruit that is being  produced.   Peace is a part of that, and look at the news today! There seems to be anything but peace and little of the other fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).
And the next Miss America will say, "And I want world peace!" Okay that was just a funny I had to throw in there.   The beauty queens lead the way, right?  No, I'm kidding, you know they don't.  Preachers do, because God designed it that way through the foolishness of preaching (I Corinthians 1:21), but there are responsibilities and abilities for everyone!   He leaves out no one!
There has to be more than just beauty, but there is NO beauty like God's beauty!  And sometimes we have to figure out what God is not, to find out Who He is.   We need to develop appreciation, but SEE HIM as Someone DIFFERENT than who we are.   And until we do, we will be forever warring in the flesh.  Let's seek Him and find His Spirit working with the Word.  Then signs and wonders will follow!
"And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen."  Mark 16:20
The real and lasting change will be through His Spirit.
Pam Clark
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