To See, or Not To See by Georgina Buchanan

By Georgina Buchanan
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Starting around October of each year, many well-known prophetic voices begin to advertise the Word they have been given for the coming New Year, and I too have personal favorite prophetic voices that I listen to, and watch, with anticipation for the posted Words or declarations they have received from the Father.  A couple of years ago the Holy Spirit began to deal me about a missing element in these revelations.  He brought to my attention though these prophetic Words were indeed from Him; they were missing a very important element.  This missing element was causing the prophetic words whether it is for the now, or for the future, to be just another "Word."
By Ourselves We can't See
At first I did not understand what Holy Spirit was saying to me until He brought to my mind the scripture that says we are to "worship him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24) 
Then it clicked.
It is the Spirit of God living within us that makes the spoken prophetic words come to life. He further revealed that we must live in the spirit realm in order to hear and understand what is spoken in the spirit realm. I was raised in a denomination that was "spirited filled." Being filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in unknown tongues was the ultimate achievement, but that was as for as it went.  I was also taught to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and, if you could not hold it in your hand, it was foolishness. So we have "praying in the Spirit" or "speaking in unknown tongues," but do not speak of anything that is "NOT SEEN" and that cannot be explained.
Hummm! They have "…a form of Godliness BUT deny the power thereof." (2 Tim 3:5)
That brings us to this revelation; that everything God says and does, comes first from the unseen realm.  Yet today, when you speak to many Christians about the unseen spirit realm, they look at you as if you are foolish. The season we are in now requires us to stay in the spirit or we will not understand what is happening, what is going to happen, and what Father is saying.  In this new season there is NO place for the flesh (our own understanding).
"Lean not onto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledges him and he will direct your steps." (Prov 3:5-6)
Many Around Us cannot See
The church has dismissed the prophetic revelations for so many years because as with almost everything, people mess it up and get messed up in the process. So the church just removed it, or said it was no longer needed.  BIG MISTAKE! The prophetic Word is "the declared intentions of God." How can those who call themselves believers in Christ dismiss His declarations as unneeded?
The human nature wants to control through what we can understand, but the Spirit realm takes it out of mankind's control and through obedience we follow the leading of the Spirit. What is happening now is through our hunger for Christ we are finding ourselves in situations that make no sense at all. Things that use to work don't work anymore. We are in situations that simply cannot be explained. Yet because of these places we are calling out to Father God as never before. We are calling out for the true Spirit of God to be revealed. We are no longer satisfied with a religion that hasn't power or spirit. We are seeing things and having revelations like never before. Father God is revealing himself to all that seek him with an open mind and heart. We are hungry for all that Father wants to give us. We speak in terms that can only be understood by the Spirit.
God has been positioning his children in strategic positions all over the world in anticipation of the greatest outpouring of his Spirit that has ever been seen or felt in the history of mankind. Father has destroyed the vessels of the past In order that we draw from the new well of his Spirit. You cannot walk in his ways if you do not walk in his spirit. Put away your understanding my brothers and sisters and take into yourselves his Spirit. If your church does not teach and encourage you to live in the Spirit of the most high God, LEAVE!  And RUN to embrace the Holy Spirit in His entirety. We cannot please the Father; much less receive from the Father, without receiving the third personage of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. His presence is his Spirit. If we embrace His Spirit, we live in His presence and in His presence we see as He sees, we hear as he hears, and we do as He does.
I want the Spirit of my Father to so freely move in and through me without any hindrance of the flesh.  I want to receive ALL that He has in store for those that "walk up rightly" before him (those that believe in him) (Ps 84:11).  "In him we live and breathe and have our being" (Acts 17:28).  The more I yield my understanding to Him the more He reveals about Himself. With every revelation He shares with me, the enemy tries to steal it by using human logic and reasoning.  The stressing of "keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground" keeps everything within man's control and understanding, but the Word says we should be firmly planted in the word of God. (2 Tim 3:14-16, Ps 119:105)
Seeing by the Truth of the Word
We cannot receive the fullness of God if we filter the actions of His Spirit through the filter of the natural mind.  It cannot and will not work.  We are the creation of our Heavenly Father therefore we are subject to him. When Satan came to Adam and Eve he was able to put his way of thinking into their minds because they believed what he told them. That is the sin nature. Thinking and looking at life the way Satan does which is the opposite of the mindset of God Almighty, has allowed Satan to take control of God's creation.  By the "renewing of our minds" (Ro 12:2) through the washing of the blood of Christ we are released from the sin filled way of thinking.
Though we may have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are still thinking with our old mind. That is why we can hear the word of God but yet do not live in his Word because we do not believe his Word.  We do not see because we do not believe and we do not believe because we are filtering the Word of God through our carnal mindset, it is as simple as that.  We must have a "renewing" of our minds in order to See, Hear, and Live in the Word of God and that will require the releasing of our understanding to the Holy Spirits direction.
We are not puppets, but in order to live our lives in the fullness our Heavenly Father intends for us to have, it will require us to follow after Him and to do as He does, speak as He speaks and go where He goes.
Follow me as I follow Christ! (1 Cor 1:11)
Georgina Buchanan,
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