I Saw the Glory of God Coming in a Spirit of Truth by Ben Berges

By Ben Berges
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I want to share a prophetic word that has been pieced within me piece by piece for the past ten years.
This word I believe is a directional word for the church today and I pray this speaks to the core of your heart.
I Saw the Fist of God
I was attending a conference in 2004 at the Brownsville revival called, "pattern for His presence."  The speaker had shared about the tabernacle and all the prophetic meanings of what God was saying to the Church through it. It was the very last night of the conference and the speaker began talking about the ark of the covenant and the glory of God. Instantly the lights in the sanctuary went out and I began to hear worship. I was confused because there were no worshipers up front. A spotlight shined towards the back doors of the church and the doors swung wide open. I saw worshipers with instruments coming down the aisle. Following the worshipers were men dressed like priests carrying the ark of the covenant.
I immediately went into an open vision. I saw the fist of God come down and it broke open an ancient set of double doors. Then I looked up and I saw heaven begin to come down and it was a whirlwind, swirling down and pushing the people of the revival through these doors into a new place. I watched and saw the people turn into coals. These coals began to have flames arise upon them and I saw fire come out from the church and I was lifted up in the spirit over America. I saw the flames go out all across the United States and it jumped across the oceans to the nations. The vision then paused and I heard God say, "Not only is this My final draft of what I am getting ready to do with my Church, this is My back-draft of My Spirit."  The vision then continued and I saw the fire go out to the world and it sucked back in to the Florida panhandle and it exploded. I then heard God say again, "In the same way that people came to this move of My Spirit to hear the message of sin, repentance and holiness and receive salvation, so also will they come to this next outpouring of My hand but it will be marked by my glory. It will follow with signs and miracles that will cause My people to arise and shine!"
God Said I'm Pouring Out a Spirit of Truth
Three years later in 2007 I began to talk to God about why the revival stopped. I said, "God I know revival is your will. It is your will that men be saved!" I said, "Why did the revival stop?" The answer He gave me was confusing. God said, "I am pouring out a spirit of truth." I said, "God that does not answer my question."  I said, "What do you mean?"
The Lord responded and said, "Do you remember that encounter I gave you back in 2004 about My glory and My fist breaking open the ancient set of double doors?" I said, "Yes."  He replied and said, "That is where I am taking my church!  It's going to be about My glory. It is who I AM!"
God is pouring out a [spirit of truth], which means He is filling the earth with "the knowledge of the glory of the Lord." The church is in a place where God is restoring truth. It is revelation knowledge in how to partner with heaven and move in the miraculous.
Purposed in Our Hearts to See God's Glory
The Lord then began to speak to me about Moses and said, "Do you know why I used Moses to free my people?" I said, "No I don't know God."  He replied and said, "first was because of Moses' encounter with the flame and second was because of Numbers 12:3 which says, "Moses was the most humble man in the whole earth."
The Lord said, "Do you know why Moses was the most humble man in all the earth?" I said, "No Lord." God said, "Because Moses was the only man who saw My glory in all of its splendor and fullness."  He said, "I resist the proud but give grace to the humble."  God said, "My grace will come to My church when they become hungry to 'see My glory' because My glory will bring humility like it did with Moses and in that humility My church will rise up and be led by Me. They will follow My glory and learn My ways and this is where I will cause them to arise and shine for all of who I am to be seen upon My people!"
Moses basically said, "I've seen a lot of stuff! I've seen a lot of miracles. I've seen a lot of signs and wonders, things that most people would be satisfied to see."  But everything within Moses still cried, "SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!"
Listen, maybe you have been part of a past move of God where you have seen a lot of stuff! Maybe you have had God touch you in a life changing way in the past and have accepted in your heart that was all you would see from God in your lifetime. Listen we cannot stop there! If that is you...God is telling you "RIGHT NOW" that we must be purposed in our hearts to see Gods glory!
I Saw Wisdom and Revelation and God's Glory
I had a dream on October 17th, 2014 where I was at the Brownsville revival. I saw many people that I recognized there. I could hear Steve Hill preaching but I was not paying attention to Steve's words. I was captured by the moment in this dream. I was in a realm of where time was not present. It was the eternal realm of heaven, eternity was present. I looked to the front of the sanctuary and I saw the Lord in a way I have never seen Him before. His hair and beard were bright gray which was an expression of His spirit of wisdom and revelation. This was the Spirit of truth I had heard the Lord speak to me about ten years earlier in an encounter. Anyway, I saw the Lord holding out a Bible and on top of this Bible there was a crown that was beaming and shining so bright you could barely look at it.
As I looked at the Lord holding this crown I began to see the emotions of Jesus and there was a desperate plea for His church to come take this crown. I looked around and began to notice that no one could see the Lord. Not a single person came to take this crown and I saw the Lord become grieved. The Lord would plead over and over with a look of expectant hope that someone would take this crown but no one did. The entire time I could hear Steve Hill preaching but again could not pay attention to Steve's words. I began to cry uncontrollably as I noticed no one could see the Lord. I looked and saw a large screen above the front platform of the church and it was full of static like you would see on a television screen. I was overwhelmed with grief and at that moment I woke up.
The Lord immediately began to speak to me about this dream.  He said, "1 Peter 5:4," which says, "And [then] when the Chief Shepherd is revealed, you will win the [a] conqueror's crown of glory."
The Lord was pleading for His church to take this crown of glory, He was pleading for His church to take it! When we wear this glory we will arise, we will shine and we will conquer! When we wear this crown of glory we will fulfill the scripture that says, the latter house will be greater than the former house!
I said to the Lord, "Why was the crown sitting on the word of God?" The Lord replied and said, "I am coming to the church in a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know the ways of My glory, to wear My glory, that My glory would be seen upon the head of my church that they may shine with my presence and power. This is my Spirit of Truth I am pouring out."
The Lord then said, "two fourteen." He said, "Revelation 14:14, for the year 2014."  I looked to see what Revelation 14:14 said and it says, "Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud sat One like the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle." 
Although we are ending the near of 2014, this word is a mark of the beginning of the release of that word into His body. This word is a living word that will accomplish what He is saying!
The cloud of His glory brings the harvest! A sickle represents harvest and He is coming to that harvest with His glory. How's He going to bring in this harvest? He's going to bring in this harvest through His church full of His glory!
The Lord began to speak to me that this Spirit of truth that He is pouring out about the knowledge of the glory of His presence, it is first coming to the church in a Spirit of revelation and wisdom. Then He will display Himself through the truth He deposits into His church through mighty manifestations. He wants to fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory and He is going to do that through you!
A Revival of Glory and the Secret Place
The Lord said, "Do you remember that encounter where my fist broke open the ancient double doors?" I said, "Yes Lord"! He replied, "That is my call to My church. Its a revival of the secret place."  In this secret place we will abide under the shadow of His abiding glory! We will carry His glory in a way where we will rise up, we will shine. It says the Lord thunders from the secret place! Listen, His voice will thunder through His church when we learn to linger in His glory rather than just move through another church service that's just another meeting and another message.
The Lord said, that the next move of His Spirit will be about His glory. God told Moses that I will cause all my goodness to pass before you! The glory of God is the goodness of God. In past revivals there has been an emphasis on the sin message which we will always need to hear. I believe God is shifting His church into a new expression of His truth and that is His goodness! Romans 2:4 says, "It's the goodness of God that leads people to repentance!"
The glory of God will lead people to repentance. When we encounter His glory it imparts humility, [Moses was the most humble man in all the earth] and it gives us a grace that raises us up into the new places we have never been before in the body of Christ.
Our Cry Must Be, "Show Me Your Glory"
Our cry must be to see the glory of God. We must seek to encounter the [person of God]. That is what the glory of God is, it is the person, it is the Father Himself in His splendor and majesty! I believe that we are called to seek encounters with our Father.
Ephesians says, "that the eyes of our understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling and what the riches of [the glory of His inheritance in the saints]."
If the church wants to have their eyes opened to where God is calling us we have to first "see" and then we must "understand." When we see it means we encounter God and when we understand it means there is a new knowledge that is revealed to us about God. We don't seek encounters for the sake of encounters alone. We seek encounters that we may [know Him] and when we know His glory only then are we able to give back to Christ His inheritance in His people. Jesus is desperately wanting His inheritance in His people. His inheritance is that His church would rightly represent Him in the earth full of His power and display His glory. He did not suffer and die on the cross so that we could sing a few songs and listen to a message once a week. It says that He will proclaim the name of the Lord when His glory comes upon us. The glory of God will distinguish His church from all other people and nations! Its time to cry, SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!!!
God inviting us into the secret place that there would be a revival of the secret place and a glory revival where Gods glory would give Christ the inheritance His blood paid for! 
Ben Berges

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