God Says, I'm About to Make a Spectacle of Myself by Dr. Connie Williams

By Connie Williams
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This is a Wake-up Call
I hear the Word of the Lord saying, "This is not a season of judgment because I've finished judgment in Christ. So when you see the sinkholes, when you see the tsunamis, when you see the hurricanes, when you see the tornado, know," says the Lord, "that the earth is reacting to the manifestation of the sons of God. Never have there been a people on the earth such as these before. They're already here. All I am doing is awakening what I put in them when I knew them before the foundation."
"This is a wake-up call. Hear the alarm going off. It's time to wake up. For this is the season of discovery; this is the season of revelation knowledge. This is not a season of arguing and running to and fro. This is a season that I will expose Myself as your God." I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready, for this generation shall have their eyes anointed with eye salve again."
So don't think it's strange when you see something out of the corners of your eye. Don't think it's strange when you see a fog or a blur. "Don't think it strange," says the Lord, "because I'm going to begin to open your eyes to things from this day forward that even the prophets of old desired to look into but could not."
Undiscovered Wealth
I hear the word of the Lord saying, "This is the day of undiscovered wealth: undiscovered wealth in the backyard, in your front yard, in chests, in trunks, all kinds of stuff going down through your family's lineage; stuff that past generations put up for you to discover." God said, "Get ready for the wealth to explode among My sons because My sons know what to do with wealth. They know they can have wealth and wealth not have them."
"Get ready," says the Lord, "for Me to show Myself in spite of you. And on your least day, watch Me heal the sick. On your day when you forgot to pray, watch Me raise the dead. Because in this season it's not about you, it's not about your shortcomings, it's not about your rights and wrongs and what you could or should have done, this is My day" says the Lord, "This is My Sabbath and I intend to rest, and the place for Me to rest is in you."
A Season of Discovery and Revolutionizing Science
There will be sinkholes and tsunamis affecting whole neighborhoods and whole communities but God said, "It's not judgment. The earth is reacting to the groaning, to the manifestation, to the placement of the sons of God.  Unusual weather patterns and different kinds of clouds discovered in the sky and photographed in the sky and lines photographed in the sky, chemicals in the sky, different things in the sky photographed and documented," says the Lord, "this is the season of discovery because of My people."
I hear the word of the Lord saying, "Get ready for Me to revolutionize science as you have known it; even the science of astronomy as you have known it. Everything that has not reflected Me, get ready for Me to bring everything in line so that it reflects Me," says the Lord.
"This is the season I shall be seen on tape, on film; I shall be heard on audio, I shall be seen on pictures. For this is the day, from this day, all through 2019, this is the day that I will prove Myself, not just to My people, but I will prove Myself to creation. Get ready for some unusual happenings that are not going to be able to be explained away; you're just going to have to say, 'It's God and that's all I know.'"
I'm About to Make a Spectacle of Myself
"Get ready," says the Lord, "for people that have been out of time that willingly hid themselves to come upon the scene saying 'God said it's our season of exposure again.' Get ready for My anointing and My glory to rest upon them. And it's not because of them, it's about Me," says the Lord.
There are some photographs and some pictures about to come out in the newspaper; in USA Today there will be some photographs of God. I see a photograph of a hand, I see a photograph of this, but God said, "I'm about to display My glory in the clouds. I'm about to display Myself in the clouds," and pictures are going be taken that are going be in the secular newspaper and on the secular news.
For God said, "I'm about to make a spectacle of Myself. I'm about to show Myself. Get ready," says God, "cause it's My desire to show Myself through you. Through you," thus says the Lord.
Dr. Connie Williams
Connie Williams International

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commenting on God's love for us

Thank God for His servants. love you lot for hearing Him Dr Connie, I believe every word that has been spoken

Thank You

Thanks sooo much Connie I needed that love...God is awesome and he sure is speaking through you..Amen.Also if you don't mind Connie pray for me and Husband and children.

The Entrance of God through The Sons of His Mighty Right Arm!

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