I looked down as I cooked dinner, and a single ant crawled across my shirt. I smiled because God was reminding me. Over the past few weeks, ants have been everywhere. I'd even be at restaurants with friends and look down to see a line of ants. As soon as I'd point it out, they'd be gone within minutes. I asked, "Lord, what are you saying?" Many times, God reveals truths and messages in the way He has designed creation. Here are a few interesting things about the way He made ants that are applicable in this season.
God has been highlighting the number 614 to me. It would show up repeatedly in unexpected places. As I pressed into it, it started to make more sense, and I think it's a word in season. In Strong's Concordance 614 is correlated with the Greek word "apokruphos" which means "hidden away, secret, stored up". This is the same hidden used in Luke 8:17: "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."
Recently my dad was speaking with me about his work. He was fixing a machine that no one else could fix, but he told me, "It wasn't that no one else knew how to fix it. It was an easy fix. The others were misdiagnosing the situation. When you know what you're dealing with, the rest is easy. But if you're thinking the wrong thing, you actually do more damage." Later, as I read my Bible, the story of Jesus walking on the waves came up. This time it was my Heavenly Father who started speaking to me about His work. As Jesus approached the disciples in Matthew 14, there was a serious case of misdiagnosis. 
As we have prayed recently for multiple people in the natural being affected in the area of word recall, God began to gentle nudge me that this is representing a prayer He has for His whole body. This is a time for word recall! To recall has several definitions according to Oxford, some of which include: bring (a fact, event, or situation) back into one's mind; remember; officially order (someone) to return to a place; bring (someone) out of a state of inattention or reverie. These are three things God is doing right now. First, God is bringing to mind or causing us to remember. These words or testimonies or struggles that He’s causing us to remember are not on accident. As you notice things coming to mind again and again, ask God for illumination about what He wants you to recall or learn about HIM in these instances or about the way He works in your life. 
We are coming into a time in which the warrior heart of God is going to be more prominently seen. We have witnessed much of the mother heart of God, but we are about to see His father heart manifested in greater measure. That which He is passionate about He is going to fight for. He will show His strength and His unmistakable active involvement in our circumstances. The characteristic highlighted of the Lord in this time will be God the DEFENDER and PROTECTOR. 
As we begin this New Year, I was praying and asking God what He wanted to focus on. He showed me a rollercoaster, and as the cars began the ride, they started up the steep incline.  For many 2018 was like the beginning of a rollercoaster. It was a slow process. It felt uphill or like you were having to really push through. As you get closer to the top where the rollercoaster releases, a few things happen. First, you hear click, click, click of the track with each inch closer you get. These, spiritually, have been moments of 2018 that were moments it "clicked." They were moments of revelation where God spoke something or taught something to your heart and it took you one notch higher. 
As we prepare for this next year, God is laying the land survey before us of what we possess. Around town I have noticed multiple surveyors out with their tools taking surveys of land. Even this last week in a meeting God put me in front of a land survey. It was then I realized all a survey does. God is showing us the value of what we have and what places are best utilized. He's showing us what places are vulnerable. He's showing us what places need to be brought up or taken down. He is doing all of this BEFORE building the next thing in our lives. He's showing us what we could not see simply by looking with our own eyes. The details and precision in a survey could never be detected by untrained eyes just looking. We are being given our Father's eyes, not only to see what is there but to see what is possible. 
"Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth."John 17:17 God gave me this verse (John 17:17) at the close of the 17th day of November. Biblically, the 17ths fall at significant GAME CHANGING points for the people of the Lord. Noah's ark came to rest on the 17th day of the seventh month (Gen 8:4) after the Lord had washed away everything and made it new. Esther, after fasting 3 days, sets up a banquet for the 17th of Nisan for God to use her to expose the plans on the enemy Haman and bring a new joy, freedom, and protection for God's people. The 17th of Nisan is also even interpreted as some to be the resurrection date of Jesus. 
As I was praying last week, the image of a cross section of a bone came to mind. It highlighted the MARROW section of the bone. Since that time, God has been showing me bone and marrow all over scripture. There are many who feel like they are in a place of DRY BONES. Dry bones lack MARROW. Marrow is defined as "a soft fatty substance in the cavities of bones, in which blood cells are produced (often taken as typifying strength and vitality)". God is wanting to breathe some spiritual lifeblood into these situations that will bring new strength and feelings of enthusiasm back! "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22
As we enter into this new month and approach the new Hebrew year 5779, God showed me the image of someone holding a journal of all the words God had given to him/her. The people represented by this person had shed many tears in the past over what were perceived as lost promises. Words had appeared in bits and pieces but never come to pass. As the page was turned (just as the page is being turned with this new month and year), a full page of bold writing was revealed, containing not only the words seen before, but the full meaning and context.