Explosive Church! by Lana Vawser

By Lana Vawser
Explosive Church
Lana Vawser

No one is going to stop My Church from moving forward, none can stop My Church from being transformed in all I am calling her to be.
For it is by My Spirit that I mould and shape the Bride to be perfect, pure and spotless.

It is not by the power of man, for what is their power, compared to the
power of the Almighty? I the Lord thy God am calling for My Church to stand
tall and to allow the explosions that are beginning to manifest. There are
many explosions that I am now releasing upon My Churches. It is happening
within individual hearts, within congregations and in relationships and it
is defying the bounds of what 'man' has called Church and what 'man' has
called My Bride.

The explosion has already started, this is not an explosion that will cause
havoc and destruction to My Church but it is an explosion that is going to
bring life BACK to My Church, it is an explosion that is going to teach My
Church how to move in the ways that I have created her to move in. Signs,
wonders, the miraculous and major moves of My Spirit, all like the Acts
based Church.

My Church for too long you have been STUCK.
For too long you have been STUCK in the mud of 'man made boundaries' and it is now time to move AWAY from what "man" tells you and listen to what I the Lord thy God am speaking to you.

I am taking many in a direction that may be looked upon by the 'religious'
as wrong or demonic, but the direction I am taking many in, is in line with
My Word as I never move outside My Word, and will defy all laws of legalism
and 'the way things are done' mentalities.

My explosive Church belongs OUTSIDE, it is not to remain inside its confines
but it is to explode forth into all areas of this world.
For when an explosion occurs in the natural debris is sent flying for long distances. This is what I am doing now within My Church, but there must be those within My Bride that are willing, that are willing to let go of what the natural
mind says and move forward.

Move forward in ways that might not make sense, but is completely and
totally from Me. Many will move jobs, towns, nations - and see these moves
as not 'logical' but are totally anointed and totally covered by My Spirit.

The explosions are starting within, by those who are truly hungry for Me
coming to Me and eating deeply from the manna that I am releasing from
Not feasting on the world and all it has to offer but continually
walking in humility and surrender to Me knowing that I am all they need.

By not dancing with the world and dancing with the enemy, but relinquishing
their rights to delight in whatever they choose. It is by those who are
truly desperate coming and seeking My heart, not once a month, but daily,
daily coming and listening to My voice and moving inline with My Spirit.

Too many within My Bride today are moving inline with their desires and
moving inline with what is comfortable or what "man made" rules are telling
them, not what I the Lord thy God am saying through My Spirit and in My

It is time for the Church to EXPLODE.

The Church has not exploded, and I am a God of BIG things and I am about to
light the match and have lighted the match on some hearts, and when the
flame hits their heart, what an explosion shall erupt forth.

Signs and wonders, prophetic declarations, sermons dripping with the liquid
of My Spirit, the Church truly moving from lying dormant into rising into
all I am calling her to be.

It is all going to bubble forth from those within My Church that are moving
forward, those who are willing to lay down everything for Me daily, those
who are willing to sacrifice their time, security and money to invest into
My Kingdom and My people, without looking at their 'gain'.

It's time My Bride!
It's time to stop fighting against My Spirit by holding
to "man made" laws and religious ideas, RELEASE these ideas and move into
the supernatural. Move into the "unknown" even if you don't completely
understand, move forward because you have felt the whisper of My Spirit
telling you to go forth. Do not wait for the lightening bolt, but move
forward in faith.

Follow My Spirit and put yourselves in the position to EXPLODE! My Spirit
WILL explode through you as you press deeper into intimate relationship with
Me, and as you do, ALL around you will be affected.

Many are just 'waiting' and not taking the 'leap' forward in all I am
calling them too, because of fear, or anxiety or doubt, but once that 'leap'
is taken, the EXPLOSION will occur.

Now My Bride, Now!!!

You are not leaping in your own strength, you are leaping CARRIED by My
Spirit, and when My Spirit carries you, will you ever fall?

"You love me again today, Lord? Where do you find this love? Is there no
depth to the well that is you? There is no depth to the well of need that is
me. So I come again and again and again. Fresh water pours over me, washes
me, and restores the battered places. Battered by the choices I have made
and the roles that I have played, I worship you. Fount of never ending love,
God of this outrageous love, I worship you." -Sheila Walsh-


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