Kicking the dogs from the door of your Destiny by Kathie Walters

By Kathie Walters
Kicking the dogs from the door of your Destiny
by Kathie Walters

Kathie WaltersI read this somewhere on the internet a while ago. I can't remember who wrote that but it jumped out on me. I did write and ask of they minded if I use that expression.

I got to thinking about it. I am always going on about people fulfilling the destiny and their calling. Still I meet people who think their calling is to sit in church and support someone else's vision. While I think it's good to do all you can to encourage someone and support them - YOU my friend have your own calling. And at the end of the road Jesus is going to ask YOU "What did you do with the anointing I put in your life?" You saying " My church didn't like it," is not going to be an acceptable excuse. Do you know why? Because YOU can hear from God and You are called and YOU have a destiny to fulfill.

Everyone has the witness of the Spirit or the anointing within them. That's why the apostle John said "You don't need any man to teach you, because the anointing ( or the Anointed One) is within you." Does that mean that we don't have teachers on the Church? No of course no - there are teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, are given to equip the church.

But YOU have to listen to the anointing or witness of the Spirit within you to discern what God is saying to you personally.

For example - someone could come to your church and prophesy or teach or preach - you have to discern what is God saying to you. Maybe there are just a couple of sentence that are for you personally.

There is a great scripture in Philemon that I love - Paul prayed for Philemon that "Your faith becomes effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing that is in you, in Christ Jesus."

When you acknowledge the gift and calling in someone you cause it to be brought forth and activated. " That was a great word you gave." When you tell someone that, what happens? They are encouraged and it makes them want to do that again. If you criticize, then they shut down.

Maybe there are different things that the Holy Spirit brings out of one message and He says a different thing to 20 people? Understand?

Jesus said " Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matt 4:4) Not every word you hear, not every Bible verse you read, is proceeding word for you. What is God saying to you NOW? Today? This week? The proceeding word imparts life and faith and has power to move you to the next thing that God has for you.

One thing is for sure- you have to move on. You have to continually discern what is He saying to you now ( today). Today's manna.

I talk often about Jeremiah. When God called Jeremiah he was a teenage prophet by the way, not an old man with a beard running around the country doing prophetic seminars. I have a great new CD set called "The Almond Tree" and it's about Jeremiah and his response to the call of God.

Well this is about YOUR response to the call of God. You can sit there forever in your comfort zone or you can rise up and say, "I'm going to go for it. I'm going to be all I can be in God."

God asked Jeremiah "What do you see?" and Jeremiah got into faith and saw a vision of an Almond Tree. God liked what Jeremiah saw and said " I will do what you saw." In the KJV it says "You have well seen. I will hasten My Word and perform it."

So you have to see your destiny- by faith. You can't aim at what you can't see. By faith you have to see your destiny. I don't believe we have to wander around and around the mountain, wondering where we are supposed to be going and doing a kind of "hit and miss" attempt at fulfilling the will of God.

God will show you what He has for you if you start to see by faith and believe YOU CAN HEAR FROM GOD.

By faith He can release a word of you if you need confirmation- but He also puts His desires in your heart so that when you fulfill the will of God it's delightful to you because it's in your heart.

You have to see
You have to see
You have to see,
You can see - by faith.

What's in your heart? Where do you want to go" What is it you really want to do? You only have one life to live down here on earth. What kind of life do you want to live? A mundane, in my comfort zone, occasionally stepping out, kind of life? Or, an on the edge, exciting, what's going to happen next, kind of life?

So you are going to make a decision- I am making a challenge. I don't think it's just me making this challenge- I believe it's your Heavenly Father who is stirring you up. He made an awesome deposit in you. Jesus deposited His life in you. He is looking for a return on His deposit. His deposit will bring forth your destiny if you let it run it's course.

BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU - there are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. There are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. Isn't it odd to you that "dog" is "God" the wrong way round?

What are the "dogs" then. Well dogs in the Bible usually represented the gentile, the ungodly. those who weren't familiar with God and His ways. Religious spirits! Do you know there are lots of dogs in the church. Religious spirits - they have a certain kind of "knowledge" of God, but it's not really God. It has a form, but has no power and it keeps people from entering in. Dogs at the door. Remember what Jesus said about the Pharisees concerning that?

You keep people from the Kingdom - YOU prevent people from entering into the Kingdom - with all your laws and man-made commandments. Jesus was angry with those people - dogs.

Having a knowledge of God, but denying His power.

There are dogs - religious spirits, negative spirits, that make God's people qualify to be used by God. But Jesus already qualified us 100%.

Dogs can also be jealous spirits, in people that don't want you to go further than them. A good teacher or instructor is proud when a pupil begins to accomplish something. But sometimes if that same pupil becomes too good, or maybe becomes better than the teacher, then the instructor or teacher feels threatened. They begin to pull the person back. They want them to remain the pupil, the beginner.

I knew a prophet who was asked to teach in a church. He did a "School of the prophets" and it was great. He soon had everyone prophesying and hearing from God. One of the girls attending the school began to show manifestations of a really wonderful prophetic gift. Soon people were asking her to pray for them and wanting appointments with her. The first man, the one who ran the school, got upset about it. He began to criticize her and pull her down. He started to say negative things about her to the pastor and elders.

They asked her not to minister and for 4 years she sat and withered away. She didn't operate in her gift, because she was afraid. She thought she had done something wrong. It took about 6 months to get her really delivered from those dog bites and those religious dogs who stood in the doorway of her destiny.

Intimidation, lies. Mean dogs who were jealous, who wanted the limelight. Fear and disapproval, false standard just to name a few of the religious spirits. Dogs - religious mindsets.

Guess what? Jesus has made you perfect in the sight of His Father. It is His righteousness that you are covered with - not your own. Jesus switched. He took your righteousness which is like filthy rags and took it to the cross- then He gave you His robe of ighteousness in exchange.
What a great "swop" your rotten rags in exchange for the beauty and awesomeness and righteousness of the Mighty Son of God.

Like the hymn writer says "Jesus, my robe of righteousness. His beauty is my glorious dress" How awesome is that? To be clothed in the holiness and beauty of the perfect Son- Jesus.

Don't be afraid of the dogs - Jesus has given you power over them. The dogs can only minister to you through lies - you have to choose not to believe those lies.

Now is the time to be all you can be in God- you don't have to qualify-you just have to learn how to yield to the anointing.

God sees a great big vision for you. He is not limited. He is not limited by your inability, He is released through your believing in His ability.

You know what? If there is no food, the dogs will leave. If there is nothing for them to feed on, they will slink away. Don't feed them, don't listen to them, don't give them any advantage.
If they lie (bark at you) and tell you, "you are nobody," what do you know? What can you do?" Laugh at them and say " Thank you for reminding me who I am- thank you for reminding me who YOU are- thank you for reminding, I am somebody - I am part of THE BODY. I am royalty of the royalty."

God has a wonderful great big destiny and calling on my life. I am going to fulfill that calling, are you?

God's plan for you is not dull and boring- its exciting and full of adventures. It might stretch your faith here and there - but you do have God's faith inside you. : To every man is given the measure of faith" that's divine, unconquerable faith. Believe it. Go for it.

Have a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God. God loves that childlike ability in you. Enjoy Him, He is mighty God but He is also "Abba" (daddy). "Snuggle don't struggle, nestle don't wrestle." I encourage people to say these things in my meetings.

In the 5th century in Ireland some of the monks from the monasteries would board a little boat off the shore. It had no rudder, or oars. They trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. They were called 'The Peregrini.' I would say that this was a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God.

God wants to send the winds of the spirit to take you were you are supposed to go - His plan and purpose for your life. If you have been in my meetings you know I always get people to say " Jesus - whatever." Its good to say it every day. It's another way of saying, Jesus I'm open to whatever you say."

Don't let the dogs keep you from the doorway of your destiny . They are lIars and thieves.

Get my CD set and keep listening until you get the truth in you - The dogs can howl and scream and bark all they want, but they can't touch you, if know who you are and what is calling and destiny on your life -

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