It's A New Day by Barbara Yoder

By Barbara Yoder

For the last 3-4 years, we have been tried in every nook and cranny of our lives. It has been extreme! At times we have wondered if we can make it? Other times, maybe we haven't even wanted to make it. To everything there is a season. (Eccl 3)


There is a trial of our faith that is imperative if we are to inherit the promises of God.  (Rev 2-3) Peter said that this trial will be grievous, distressing for a season. In other words, we will be miserable, confused, pressed out of measure. (1 Pet 1:6-9) The purpose is not to torment us (though sometimes it feels like that may be the case) but to build a larger reservoir of faith.


Security in His Love


Peter links faith with love. When we know God loves us, we can make it through every difficult test, trial. When God gives us a test it's like school, he disappears like the teacher does, while we take the test. So it seems like He is removed from us. If we are not secure in His love for us, our faith will falter. So He has also been building a new level of security in us that knows He loves us.


One of my key intercessors had a dream. She saw two five dollar bills stacked on top of each other. Suddenly the top five dollar bill extended out beyond the bottom one. God is extending grace to us this year. And it's double grace. He is giving us grace to get to where we need to be or lay hold of what we have been assigned to lay hold of.


This is the year of coming up out of the pit. Audacious faith is being birthed. True God kind of love is being birthed.  Again, faith is inseparable from love.


Those who have refused to be offended by God or people will now sit in new chairs of authority and honor. Favor is being released. The temptation to be offended has been overwhelming. Jesus even said we would be offended, He guaranteed it. (Matt 18:7) It's not about who or what offends us but what we do with that offense. Do we hold it, build a case on it, etc. or do we turn to God and let go of our right to be offended.  Entitlement embraces and refuses to let offenses go.


The word for offense is trap. It is a trap set for us to keep us from apprehending all God has for us. But those who have let go of offense, refused to sit in the seat of offense are coming into a new place of favor. However do not judge those who have been overcome because the level of betrayal has been ruthless in this past season and shocking at times. There is no obvious reason for it. It takes time to recover.


Coming Home


There will be those who begin to "come home."  They have been tried beyond measure. Some but not all have sat quite a while on the seat of offense. But this year some will get up, dust off the remnants of offense and return home. Children will be coming home to parents, family members will be restored, friendships will be mended, member of churches who left, some of them will be returning. Don't hold the past against them. Receive them openly and freely.


Trials have left us strengthless, shattered as the British say, exhausted and worn down. Though we get up, we have but little strength. (Rev 3:8) Even so, God is setting before us an open door. He will multiply the little strength we have left just like the widows oil.


Lift up your heads and worship! (Ps 24:7-10) The King of Glory is now beginning to visit those who have come through clinging to Jesus with the little faith they have left and have refused to be offended.  Who is this coming up out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved? (SOS 8:5) I am both encouraged and excited!


Heaven is touching earth and will begin to multiply through those who have passed the test. It's a day for lavish love, lavish faith and abandoned trust in Jesus. Faith and works will touch each other and set off heavens fireworks.


The kingdom is about to be released through those who seemingly have lost much, even all, in the past season but have refused bitterness, anger and unforgiveness.


The test has been God's doing! It's time to now bow low and worship! His glory is now going to be seen and break out on these tested ones. I will go up to Zion and worship! I will ascend the hill of the Lord. It is about the King! Worship will unlock the kingdom as well as the heart of the King! Worship the Lord!


Barbara Yoder

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