I Am there! By Yolanda Ballard

By Yolanda Ballard

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Where can we go that He is not there?  Where can we go from His presence?  For He is there with you every step of the way.  You may not feel His presence but He is there with you experiencing everything you are going through.


You are not alone.  He knows your trials and your heartaches.  He knows your hopelessness and discouragement.  He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear.  He will provide a way of escape so you will be able to bear it.


He will not allow you to become crushed underneath your burden.  He will send others to help you carry it for you are not alone.  Do not expect to do it alone for this battle is not unto death but to bring much glory to the kingdom of God.


When you go through the fire, you will not be burned.  When you go through the waters, they will not overtake you.  When you go through the storm, it will not carry you away with it.  For you have the power in your words to command it.  You have the authority over all the power of the enemy.


Peace I say to you.  Peace that the world does not have I give to you this day.  Do not allow the enemy to oppress you because of the severity of your trial, because I have much confidence that you will remain faithful through it.


Look to Me for I am the author and the finisher of your faith.  Do not trust in your own faith but trust in Me. When you speak to the mountain, it has to move.  When you speak to the storm, it will cease to exist in your life. 


Resurrection Power will Flow


Remain faithful unto death and I will give you My crown of life.  Die out to the self-life and allow My resurrection power to flow.


I take you through the fire because I love you.  I turn the heat up higher because I do not want you to lean upon your own understanding.  In all you ways I want you to seek Me and I will direct your path.


Examine your heart to see if your attitudes and motives are pure.  If your own heart does not condemn you, you can know that you are right with Me.  If you give Me your heart, I will purify it.  If you exempt Me from the decisions you make, you will fail in them.


I bring you life and life abundantly.  Follow the straight and narrow path that brings life.  The wide path brings destruction and every evil way.


Remember to walk in the simplicity of My word.  Do not read into it what is not there.  Do not allow the legalists to take you over.  Walk only where there is grace.


Now when things seem to overwhelm you, know that I am there with you.  I will not allow you to go through anything that you cannot handle.  Reach out and grab hold of My hand.  I will either strengthen you, comfort you, or direct you.  Whatever you need I am there for you.


Where can you go from My presence.  There is no place you can go that I am not there.  I am there with you.  Be at peace.


Yolanda Ballard

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