What is the Laughter All About? By Kathie Walters

By Kathie Walters

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Many people write to me and say, "I want to laugh but it doesn't seem to happen for me."  Well you know I believe we should laugh, a lot.  Because, "God looks on His enemies and laughs and has them in derision." (Psalm 2:4)


A lot of Christians don't understand the laughter when the Holy Spirit falls with a wave of laughter, sometimes waves ( plural). What happens is that your spirit begins to pick up on a victory that's happening in the Spirit realm and brings it down into your situation. Or service or meeting or restaurant.


I am sure you have all had this experience. You have been ministering to someone or praying for them and suddenly you start to laugh. They look at you like you had two heads,  but you say, "Don't worry about it, something good is happening in the Spirit for you."  You may not see and you may not hear anything in the natural, but your spirit knows what's happening in the Spiritual realm.


So don't quench the laughter in yourself or others.


Don't Go Because They Laugh


When I was ministering in SC a couple of years ago, someone put up a website (especially  for me !!) "Don't go to those Kathie Walters meetings, they laugh and get out of control, and the church she is at is not much better."  Well even unsaved people wouldn't say that.  How weird is that?  Don't go to church because they laugh?  Guess we need some misery so we can be "balanced."  Balance by the way is staying in the spirit all the time.


Sometimes you don't know what is happening in your mind, but your spirit man knows


A few years ago when I was in New Zealand I was speaking at a conference in Auckland  with Ian and Joye Johnson. In the middle of my teaching session Ian who was to the far left of a very wide room, suddenly fell on the floor and just lay there.  I looked and carried on speaking. About 5 minutes later a woman, my good friend Sheryl Morgan, who was the on the far right of the meeting suddenly fell on the floor and started laughing and laughing. They were the only two, everyone else was just listening to me.


About 20 minutes later Ian picked himself up and sat back in his chair and then Sheryl stopped laughing and she sat back in her chair.


I finished the meeting about 30 minutes later.  I went to find Ian and asked him what happened.  Suddenly a chariot came down and so I got in to it and the next minute I was standing inside my friend's church in Fiji.  He was preaching and I saw a huge big black island demon coming right at him, then I heard this laughter and it left. (He knew nothing about Sheryl on the other side of the room).


Then I went and  found Sheryl and asked her what happened and why she was laughing so hard. She said to me, "Oh I kept seeing this big black thing and laughing at it."  Well the next day the pastor from Fiji called Ian.  "You were in my church yesterday weren't you Ian? I was preaching and this big black island demon came at me. Then WE ALL HEARD THIS LAUGHTER and it left."?


You see in the middle of a meeting in Auckland God took two people from my meeting and took them to Fiji to take care of a demonic attack on the pastor there. Isn't it fantastic what God does? There are no limits in the Spirit realm. As long as we are not afraid of it.


Laughter Took Care of It


Another time when I was in Wales ministering at Pastor Sarah Trinder's church, I got up to do session two of my conference and  I think I read a scripture. Everyone started laughing, loudly so I sat down and waited. It went on for about 20-30 minutes.  Then I continued that session. At the end when I started to pray for everyone I thought it was going to be a bit of a battle, because I noticed when I was speaking that there were a lot of people  who needed deliverance form Freemasonry and druidism.  There's a lot of druidism in Wales.  As I started praying for people it was almost shocking  in that it was so effortless - things just left and lifted from people. I was thinking to myself, "Wow this is really easy, there are such strong spirits on some of these people."  Then the Holy Spirit reminded me, "Oh, the laughter in the beginning already took care of it."  And it did, that was what was happening. God had already arranged the victory for people and in the Spirit realm the people in the meeting picked up on that and the victory laughter came.


So don't quench the laughter, it is one of the most powerful warfare weapons. God's ways are not our ways and He does not do things the way our religious minds would tell us. When it comes to real intercession you cannot accomplish anything with the mind. Only as you yield to the Holy Spirit. I am sure you have experienced this: The Holy Spirit comes on you or rises up and  in one  prayer time you can be singing, declaring scripture, speaking in tongues, weeping, laughing, and dancing; but then it lifts,  because it's not you, it's Him (Jesus) who is the intercessor. He touches us with His intercession, if we desire to be included in the family issues.  He doesn't need to include us,  in one sense, but we are part of His Kingdom now and we love to be used by Him. We are not "working for Jesus" so to speak. He doesn't want us to work for him, He wants us to yield to Him so that He can work  through us by His Spirit.  So much easier then don't you think?  Far more is accomplished in much less time with much less effort when the Spirit flows through us. No "ships with oars."  No working at it, no striving in a religious mindset, just yielding to the anointing. AAAh peace. Quit rowing and lift your sails, the wind of the Spirit will take you where He want you to go.


Peregrini Monks


The Peregrini were monks who came from the monasteries in Ireland in the 5th-6th century. They would get in a boat off the shores of Ireland. They had no rudder and they had no oars. They just trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. They had marvelous adventures that way. Brendan came to America in the 5th century. People said it couldn't be done in the kind of boat they had then, but about 12 years ago they proved it could be done because they did it.


So this is an invitation today from God via little ol' me. Would you like to have a Perigrini spirit, a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God? People don't like the "let go" theology but they stop short in their understanding,  "Let go and let God have His way in your life."  I can feel the breezes, can you?  Put your sails up.  What a wonderful Heavenly Father we have.


Kathie Walters


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Kathie Walters article

I have been in Kathie's meetings, I have also seen my friend covered in gold dust, She had just said to the Lord earlier I have never had this happen to me. As I was beside her I just heard lots of WOW's coming from her, then on her top all this gold dust, she was so amazed she didn't want to move..Thank you Kathie Walters for yours and David's faithfulness...