CLEARANCE: Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire (book) by Jill Austin
CLEARANCE: Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire (book) by Jill Austin
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Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire


by Jill Austin

Beloved's adventure with her friends continues as they journey through the snow-covered Perilous Pass toward the Formidable Mountain Range. Fraught with dangers and assaults from Satan and his demons, they are always under the invisible, but ever-watchful eye of Master Potter. Aided by Holy Spirit and the angelic hosts mobilized by their prayers, they press on to the Mountain of Fire.

Beloved and her friends have to face the devastating moral failure of a close friend, which brings tragedy to the whole group. In the midst of the painful high fires Beloved is also confronted by the death of a loved one as she struggles with why Master Potter let it happen.

As the fire in the mountain increases, Beloved travels into the glory realm on a crystal chariot with her angelic escort, Guardian of the Glory. Together, they visit such wondrous places as the War Room, the Heavenly Library and a warehouse called Miracles Unlimited.

Throughout these personal losses and disappointments Beloved's heart is transformed by Master Potter's passionate love for her as she is painstakingly brought into her destiny as a vessel of honor and discovers the sovereignty of God.

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