CLEARANCE: Fire of Love (Prophetic Instrumental CD) by Mike Bickle, Andre Lefebvre and Wes Campbell
CLEARANCE: Fire of Love (Prophetic Instrumental CD) by Mike Bickle, Andre Lefebvre and Wes Campbell
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Fire of Love
Prophetic Instrumental Music
Mike Bickle, Andre Lefebvre and Wes Campbell

This CD is the instrumental version of the recording.  There are no vocals on this CD.

Fire of Love is the second in a series of recordings concerned with praying the Bible. Fire of Love focuses specifically on praying the "Song of Songs" and is not merely the dramatic reading of these scriptures, but the ancient practice of praying them as holy men and women have done for centuries. By using the biblical text as a track, Mike Bickle prays the "Song of Solomon" as they are written, while still allowing for the freedom to launch out into Spirit led spontaneity and personalized application. 


The result is a prayer that generally follows the biblical text, while at the same time being personal, paraphrased and amplified. And, like the original Psalms, each of these prayers "Songs" are set in a context of original musical arrangements and accompaniment. As you pray along with Fire of Love, you will be helped in your own times of devotion and intercession and at the same time you will learn the age-old practice of personal, audible, Bible praying.


  1. "The Bridal Life Vision"- Song of Songs 1:1 - 4 

  2. "The Bride's Beginning"- Song of Songs 1:5 - 17

  3. "The Depths of Spiritual Pleasure"- Song of Songs 2:2 - 7

  4. "Cries of the Dove"- Song of Songs 2:8 - 17

  5. "Dark Night of Love"- Song of Songs 3:1 - 5

  6. "A Safe Savior"- Song of Songs 3:6 - 11

  7. "Embracing the Bride"- Song of Songs 4:1 - 5

  8. "The Ravished Heart of God"- Song of Songs 4:6 - 16

  9. "The Pleasant Garden of God"- Song of Songs 4:16 - 5:1

  10. "The Fire of Testing"- Song of Songs 5:2 - 8
  11. "Altogether Lovely"- Song of Songs 5:9 - 6:3
  12. "The Ravished Bridegroom"- Song of Songs 6:4 - 10
  13. "The Bridal Seal of Divine Fire"- Song of Songs 8:5 - 7

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