Outpouring (Prophetic Artwork 8x10) by Valinda Miracle
Outpouring (Prophetic Artwork 8x10) by Valinda Miracle
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The artist feels this painting speaks for itself. While speaking with a blind man, she was allowed to see the blind man's vision before he lost his sight. After the painting was completed, his sight was restored. Now he is able to see the painting in loving color.
Biography on artist:
 Valinda Miracle
While recovering from a serious automobile accident, a bright, ambitious, career woman felt her life was finished.
Due to a traumatic head injury, her career was terminated. She turned to creative outlets as therapy to stimulate her short-term memory.
She felt led to paint with oils after a time of creating with clay as a potter.
Valinda has been divinely inspired with a series of visions to be placed on canvas. She hopes that you are blessed with this Inspirational artwork.

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