CLEARANCE: Winds of Fire Winds of Change (Prophetic Music CD) by Hope Reeder
CLEARANCE: Winds of Fire Winds of Change (Prophetic Music CD) by Hope Reeder
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Prophetic Worship CD
by Hope Reeder

There is a sound of Eternity calling those who are not moved by their situation but rather moved by their revelation of who God is. It is advancing the Kingdom into the 'Come up her!' deep abandoned worship characterized by spontaneous expressions of unquenchable worship born out of intimacy.
I believe it is the ever advancing sound that was heard in the Garden still being heard today propelling us into the very presence of God. I believe heaven's oxygen is being released through signs and wonders and His Glory is propelling us into eternal perspectives. You will hear sound of angels joining us in worship on this CD that was birthed out of a prophetic word from a 6 year old girl.
My prayer for anyone who hears this CD is that the same Winds of Fire and Winds of Change that I experienced while making it will also blow over your life and you too will feel heaven's oxygen swirling like the wheel within the wheel propelling you up higher and that you might hear the sounds of eternity that will change your life forever.   - Hope Reeder
Winds of Fire Winds of Change

One day  my phone rang and my friend said her 6 year old daughter Emma wanted to speak to me. Emma said, 'Ms. Hope, I have a word for you... winds of fire...winds of change!' Right then I felt it burn in my spirit and I wept wanting more of His holy fire!
During six hours of prophetic worship, Winds of Fire Winds of Change was released in the Spirit and it just happened to be captured in a live recording.
I believe the Lord reserved the release of this CD for NOW as a sign of new beginnings of a greater release of Heaven's Glory realm through Winds of Fire Winds of Change.


About the Artist

Hope Reeder does it with God's grace; Psalmist, Conference Speaker, Preacher, Pastor, Teacher, Recording Artist, Missionary, Wife, Mother. As President of Praise Alive Ministries, Inc., Hope has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally for more than 25 years. She has recorded 3 live prophetic worship Cd's. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Hope truly sets the atmosphere ablaze in the midst of prophetic worship and apostolic preaching.

Hope's Ministry is also changing lives in other nations through her humanitarian efforts. The ministry offers an array of outreaches which include supporting the sports mission which helps provide means to mobilize churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America; In Cape Town South Africa help provide transportation and food to help feed many people in the shanty towns through the food bank program; Close to Hope's heart is the support of their Busembatia Uganda partner with Internet, other media needs and special annual projects. Also, proceeds from Hope's 'Unified by Grace' CD project helps provide basic health care and helps stock anti-malarial medication and mosquito nets for the impoverished 2,000 people at the Nyambabare Clinic in West Ankole in Southwestern Uganda.

Hope and Roger Reeder are founders of Praise Alive Ministries, Inc. based in Charlotte, NC. They are hoping to reach into other nations this year. Their two daughters and Son-in-law, Kristin Reeder, Angie & Chris Parker, are all active in their own ministries.


Winds of Fire Winds of Change CD by Hope Reeder is an excellent resource for helping one soak in the presence of God. Hope ushers you into the throne room of heaven right to the Father's feet, with an anointing unlike any other. This is a must have for anyone wanting intimacy with the Father. - Jeremy Lopez , founder Identity Network

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