CLEARANCE SALE: The Rainmaker (Teaching DVD) by Brian Lake
CLEARANCE SALE: The Rainmaker (Teaching DVD) by Brian Lake
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(Teaching DVD)

The Rain Maker

by Brian Lake


Worship is the key to ending your personal dry spell and releasing a downpour of heaven's blessings. 
From spiritual drought to your year for harvest. It begins with worship. Your worship can create favor vapors that will rain down on your life. The Holy Spirit will help you, when you worship God. 
What do you need? What are you expecting to harvest this year? Before you plant, you need rain. To receive rain, you need to worship. Start your day or your week with worship. Take time to spend it with God and expect the RAIN to come! 
The drought is over, so expect the rain to come. Like the prophet in the Old Testament, I declare over you, "I hear the sound of the abundance of rain!" The clouds are forming and they may night look like much, but God is ready to pour out an abundance of favor on you. 
This is your year for RAIN!

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