The Identity Manual: Who Am I and Whats My Mission in Life (Book/Workbook) by Ivan Roman
The Identity Manual: Who Am I and Whats My Mission in Life (Book/Workbook) by Ivan Roman
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The Identity Manual
Who Am I and What's My Mission in Life?
By Ivan Roman

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life? Do you know your purpose and destiny, but don't really know how to get there? Have you listened to all the messages on intimacy with God and identity as his child but still struggle with being 100% secure in God's love? The questions could go on, but I think you get the point.

Whether "Sonship" and "Identity" are new concepts to you, or you've been growing in these for years, The Identity Manual is a fresh message by Ivan Roman that will act as a catalyst to launch you into new realms of God's fiery presence and love and impart new dimensions of supernatural living into your everyday life!
This 160 page manual is jam-packed with wisdom, truth, and revelatory keys that will help unlock the mysteries of Intimacy with God, Identity as His Son, and Fulfilling your Destiny!
Some of the Topics include:
  • Walking with God
  • God Confidence
  • Prophet, Priest, and King
  • The Orphan Heart vs. The Heart of Sonship
  • Authority of the Believer
  • The Army of God
  • Renewing the Mind
  • Walking in the Supernatural
  • Citizens of Heaven
  • The Mountain of the Lord
  • And Much More!

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