God is in the House (Art Work) by Mike DeLorenzo
God is in the House (Art Work) by Mike DeLorenzo
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God is in the House
by Mike DeLorenzo

  This painting is a sequel to the Capital painting, called:  "One Nation Under God.”    Last year I was praying with about a 40 young intercessors on the hill (the Call).    As I was praying with these youth, I felt the Lord say that He wanted me to paint a painting of the White House with His name written in the foundations.

·       During the time that there,  I was able to deliver some of the "One Nation Under God,” prints to certain senators, and prayer leaders of the nation, and several to the Chaplain of the US Senate to hand out as he felt lead.

·       During this time I also gave several of the prints of the Capital Building to a US Senator which has Jesus as the statue over the capital, He got so excited because he said just 10 minutes ago as I was running around the Capital Building, I said,  "Jesus you need to be the statue on that building,” and now your bringing me a picture of the very thing I just prayed about.  Well about two days later I was at this same senator’s house talking to a former congressman who was sharing a condo with this senator.  The senator at the time was at a speaking engagement at another state.   He said well he’s gone why don’t you stay in his room tonight.  Knowing that this was God I stayed their, but during the night God had me intercede for this man, and the Lord said,  "he needs to be in the painting of the White House, as a symbol of the Godly leadership that I want in the White House, if my church will pray and stand in the gap for this nation.”

·       As I got back home I new that I wanted the names of the Lord at the Gates of the White House, for often in the Old Testament the elders met at the gates.  I new the names of the Lord were to be in the gates, but as you now there are several names for God.  I was asking the Lord what are the names that you want me to paint on the foundations of the gate.   One day the Holy Spirit said, "I will tell you on this particular Monday after you speak at the "Women’s Aglow meeting.”    On the way home the Holy Spirit said,  "read Revelations 19 about the angel riding on the white horse.”   As I read that portion of Scripture several names of the Lord where mentioned,  but when I read KING of KINGS and LORD  of LORDS, I new instantly that they were that names on the gate.

·       The Lord also spoke to me about the lightning coming our of His mouth. You will see these scriptures posted on the gate and on the wall, Job 36:32, and Job 37:1-5.   The word mark in verse 32 means  intercession, that are prayers are like lightning that hit the mark.

·       Job 36:3232 He covers His hands with lightning, And commands it to strike the mark

·       Job 37:1-5  "At this also my heart trembles,  And leaps from its place.  2 Hear attentively the thunder of His voice, And the rumbling that comes from His mouth.  3 He sends it forth under the whole heaven, His lightning to the ends of the earth.  4 After it a voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, And He does not restrain them when His voice is heard.  5 God thunders marvelously with His voice; He does great things which we cannot comprehend.

·       You also see the verses in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 about praying for those in authority

·       On the wall you see the verses about the youth that God is raising up, the youth that I was with, were  from the Call.  These from Isaiah spoke to my heart about the generation of young people that God wants to raise up.
Isaiah 29:23-24 23 But when he sees his children, The work of My hands, in his midst, They will hallow My name, And hallow the Holy One of Jacob, And fear the God of Israel.  24 These also who erred in spirit will come to understanding, And those who complained will learn doctrine.”

A. Each of the window of the White House have a different symbol,  from left to right from the top, Sword, trumpet, the 12 drops of blood, the glory, the angel of the Lord, the Cross the flame, from the bottom left to right, a shield,  praying hands, candle, scepter, and a crown.

B. Just recently right over the top of the White House, just about half inch left of the flag, it seem like a principality showed up, profile of a face, it has a horn in its head.  Yet the lightning of God the Father is just about to hit it, "Behold I see Satan as lightning fall from the heavens.  I believed it showed up because of the battle over this nations capital.


My Mission and the Mike DeLorenzo Art Gallery is to inspire and to share the revelational aspect of art in God's coming Kingdom.

I am inspired to paint this art which gives insight into the heart and mind of our Lord and Savior.

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