One Nation under God (Art Work) by Mike DeLorenzo
One Nation under God (Art Work) by Mike DeLorenzo
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One Nation under God
by Mike DeLorenzo

I. Why is the face of God missing?

A. As a nation we have known the blessings of God but not the face of God, this is why you see the hands of Jesus stretched out over the Capital Dome.  You only see the face of Jesus in the reflection.   Only those that seek God will know the face of God.  On the bottom of the painting you see one man on the left who sees the reflection in the water.  This person has angelic wings on his shoulders which are a reflection of the Northern lights in the sky.  So the question is, who is the person, is he one who seeks our Lord and therefore knows the face of God, or is this person an angel, or the watchman.  In the face you will notice a heart in the cheeks; showing us that only those that are intimate with God will see the Lord. 

B. The man on the lower right also is a worshipper of God, and the time on the clock is 9:11.  That is the day when God said, "America you know my hands yet you don’t know my face.”  God’s heart is to bring America back to a place of intimacy in knowing Him.

C. Why the northern lights?    While I was praying’ I felt impressed by the Lord to put the Aurora Borealis in the sky over D.C.  I thought, "well in the natural that doesn’t happen.”  But, that very week they appeared in the sky over our nation’s capital.  They form angelic wings as it were in the sky.   As an intercessor praying over the nation, I’ve literally seen a star in the heaven moving across the sky just after we finished an hour of prayer asking the Lord to bring righteous judges into our Supreme Court.   This particular night, in a tent meeting after praying, I saw what I thought was a satellite, but it was much too bright to be one.  I watched it move across the sky for about 30 seconds, being totally intrigued by what I was seeing.  I cried out to a friend of mine to come and see, and as I again looked up it was gone, and I felt the voice of the Lord say:  "You have just released my angels to do warfare on behalf of the nations capital. 

1. Proverbs 14:34, "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”  Our heart is for God to bring back true justice which comes from the word of God

D. REFLECTION OF AMERICA:  can be seen in "Reflection Pond”.   The cross and the Ten Commandment are also seen in front of the pond, which reflect over America, (there is a soft outline of America in the water) along with Jesus on the dome.  In the painting you literally see "ONE NATION UNDER GOD”.   You see people in the painting of different ethnic backgrounds, Jesus came for us all.

E. Why Christmas Season?  This is the season that people are open to the Lord.  Immanuel means, "God is with us.”  America more than ever needs the Lord.


My Mission and the Mike DeLorenzo Art Gallery is to inspire and to share the revelational aspect of art in God's coming Kingdom.

I am inspired to paint this art which gives insight into the heart and mind of our Lord and Savior.

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