CLEARANCE: Entrance of His Glory (Soaking CD) by Lane Sitz and Jeremy Lopez
CLEARANCE: Entrance of His Glory (Soaking CD) by Lane Sitz and Jeremy Lopez
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Entrance of His Glory
by Lane Sitz and Jeremy Lopez
When we worship the Lord, we enter into His presence which is His glory.  Just like Moses when he went to the top of the mountain.  The glory of the Lord was so strong he took off his shoes knowing the ground was holy.  God desires to change us with His glory until we come out on the other side looking like Him.
This CD features music by Lane Sitz
Fire and Glory
Entrance of His Glory
Glory Realms
Touch the Glory
Filling the Room
Heavenly Shiftings
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About the Artist 
Lane Sitz is one of three sons in the ministry born to Jerry and Connie Sitz. He is not married and resides in North Alabama. 
God has raised up Lane Sitz as a powerful Prophetic voice in the 21st Century. He is a much sought after Conference and Camp Meeting speaker. He is noted for his ability to break down walls of denomination and race to provoke believers to be empowered for their purpose in Christ Jesus. 
Having responded to the call of the Lord at the age of 19, his cutting edge style of ministry has crossed every age barrier defying the thoughts and preconceptions of traditional Christendom. While effectively equipping and facilitating God's modern day Remnant Army to fight the good fight of faith. 
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