Kingdom Chronicles: A Bible Narrative (Book) by Elsie Egermeier
Kingdom Chronicles: A Bible Narrative (Book) by Elsie Egermeier
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Kingdom Chronicles:

A Bible Narrative


by Elsie Egermeier

The Bible retold as one complete story!

Since the beginning of time, God has been working in the world to establish His Kingdom. This is the story we are told throughout the Scripture. Kingdom Chronicles is a "chronicle," or an account of events in order, of the Kingdom of God that draws out the narrative portions of the Bible and presents them as a continuous story. You'll follow along as God creates the earth and breathes life into human beings and watch Him fulfill His promises to a small family that eventually becomes a great nation. You'll see how He saves the entire world through Jesus' birth, death and resurrection, and how the good news of His Kingdom spreads through the work of the early Church.

With its approachable style, this is a useful tool if you are new to studying the Bible or if you want an overview of the entire plot and major themes. In Kingdom Chronicles, you will find a faithful retelling of the Bible, highlighting stories in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Presents the truth of the Bible in a simplified story form
  • Written from a non-denominational viewpoint
  • Useful tool for new believers who are unfamiliar with the Bible, or those who want an overview of the whole Bible
  • Contains all of the 312 original stories from Egermeier's® Bible Story Book
  • Stories flow together as a more cohesive whole
  • Scripture references for each story
  • Uses King James Bible as foundation

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