Rise Up Mighty Warrior (MP3 Music Download) by Broken Walls
Rise Up Mighty Warrior (MP3 Music Download) by Broken Walls
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Rise Up Mighty Warrior
(MP3 Music Download)
by Broken Walls

Released in 1999. The name speaks for itself! This album that combines world music with Aboriginal influence sets the stage for the new sound of the Broken Walls future albums. A "must have" if you've enjoyed any of our other recordings.

Based on Native American/ First Nations Heritage of North America, Broken Walls is a band that travels extensively around the world communicating a message of restoration dignity, self respect, and Creator’s Love to all cultures.
This message is communicated uniquely through music, songs, dance and storytelling. From intimate gatherings to large concert venues, Broken Walls is truly an unforgettable experience!

Often starting with our Mohawk water drum, Broken Walls will perform on a variety of Indigenous instruments such as the Mohawk windflute or the large buffalo hide pow wow drum, eventually graduating to a full on contemporary band. Even while performing as a full band you hear the ancient vocals, beats & sounds of their native heritage.

Together Broken Walls has traveled to such places as Australia, Austria, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ireland Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and extensively across North America with a message of self respect wherever people are suffering from shame. BW has a desire to see people of all nations walk in their gifts and destinies that they were created with.

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