School of the Apostles (Online Course) by Dr Kluane Spake
School of the Apostles (Online Course) by Dr Kluane Spake
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"The School of the Apostles” I want to just tell you as plain as I can what it is, how it works and what it will do in and for you, your ministry, or your church. Here is the bottom line:

WHAT IS IT? It's a 12-module Online coaching program with LOTS of information, teaching, videos, and resources.

WHAT IS THE GOAL? Our goal is to help you expand your influence and to an apostolic mindset so that you can have greater IMPACT in the Kingdom for good. We want to help you rightly develop and deliver the Gifts inside of you.

What do I get? You get a ton of stuff (see below)! First, there are 12 modules – one each month. These modules come with 12 videos, e-Books, guides, and Impact worksheets to discover what you can do individually to increase your effectiveness.  Second, there are PDFs, resources, hard bound books, and more. Third, there is personalized phone coaching. For a list of what is included scroll down on this page.

WHAT TOPICS WILL BE COVERED? We have collected the best information available. The School of the Apostles covers what is an apostle, how you can develop an apostolic mindset, and WHY this approach would benefit you. You will understand more about where the Church is going and how to become relevant to that change. You will understand what change we should embrace and what to do about the rest. All the coaching is super-practical and step-by-step.

WHO HAS USED THIS? Lots of ministers have already gone through this program. Mega church pastors, rural church leaders, apostles, traveling ministers, and lots of those who want to start in ministry – and according to what they say, all of them have greatly increased in their operational understanding.

How much does it cost? It's a one-time payment of $247 – and if you want 12 Credits from Vision University, it is 297! That is the most amazing offer ever! 

Does this answer all of your questions? I hope so!

This course will move you forward in your goals and dreams!

Our goal is to provide the best resources and "HOW TO" content for you. I know there's a lot of places you can go for inspiration and theory, but this unique school teaches you the latest concepts on how to minister -- and where the Church MUST go in this hour in order to be relevant! We want to save you time, save learning the hard way,  and help you accomplish your greatest potential.

12 Courses in 12 Months for Certification.  This intensive Online model is provided with proven professional and spiritual instruction plus teaching on the practical side of ministry and life.  The School of the Apostles is also offered for Bible College credit if you desire.

You will find inspiration, empowerment, revelation, and collaboration to create your ministry solutions.

We really are committed to serve and to help you exceed your expectations.







  The School of the Apostles course was developed because NO ONE ELSE out there is sharing HOW TO GAIN AN APOSTOLIC MINDSET. 

 The School of the Apostles course will help you learn how to lead with sharp accuracy and become accelerated in your ministry calling. Learn HOW to realign and be positioned for what is to come forth in your destiny.

 I'm going to be really blunt with you...

 But here's the key question…  Do YOU know What Works Now?

 Are you uncertain how to move forward?

 Whether you are a 5-fold minister,a church leader, or a seeker of purpose -- THIS is why I've created The School of the Apostles Course -- to give you  intense, concentrated, power-packed information, exercises, and ministry-building designed from the ground up to:

  • Teach you what works right now!
  • Help you implement apostolic principles immediately

Leaders who succeed today are those who KNOW what works and how DO things differently!


 EXPECT to receive insight on what needs to happen next FOR YOU.

 Start MOVING with urgency.  

Learn how to lead with sharp accuracy and become accelerated in your ministry calling. Learn what tools you need to help you realign and be positioned for what is to come forth in your destiny.

School of the Apostles"The School of the Apostles" was designed as an in depth course to help you understand the Office of the Apostle and how to develop and release your gifts. You will learn apostolic protocol and how to lead strongly.  

EVERYONE! We have lots of people just now starting to go through ourSchool of the Apostles. I want to encourage many of you to register for it today! We send you ALL THE RESOURCES TO KEEP FOR LIFE ALONG WITH THE COURSE! It is grounded, deep revelatory information! PLUS, you can graduate from our course and receive your certificate!

Plus, for only $50.00 more and one additional assignment you can choose the option to get 12 continuing education credits through Vision College.

 "I have known Dr Spake, and seen her in action for over 25 years...she is not just a teacher of revelational truth, but has lived it, planting churches and establishing churches nationally and internationally, while working with leaders on several continents. Her course is full of insight and practical application for those called into the apostolic ministry, or a part of an apostolic team. I highly recommend her and this course." Dr Stan DeKoven, Founder and President Vision International University and the International Training and Education Network

 Maybe you feel you just don’t fit anywhere!

 This course, "The School of the Apostles” will give you training in the apostolic to help you fulfill your ministry call... and a lot more.

 Discover your destiny and what God has waiting for you NOW!

 And to do that, I've put together a curriculum like no other.

 •    Incredible material.
•    Powerful hands-on exercises 
•    Amazing ministry building ideas.

>Do you tend to have answers and solutions when others don't?

>Have you ever felt the move of the Holy Spirit to lead strongly, but you did not have the authority to proceed?  

>Do you feel like no one knows what to do with your strong personality?

>Do you believe there are apostles today, or believe they ended with Jesus and His twelve apostles?  

>Do you think maybe you are called to be an apostle or to live with an apostolic mindset?

It's time to dream bigger! Learn how! And find your place.

When you are confident of your calling, you develop greater self-esteem and a profound sense that you can accomplish the dream in your heart. Unlocking your ministry potential is perhaps the greatest gift I can receive and give to you. It is a great honor to help guide you into your fulfillment.

I change the world for good by making certain that YOU do!

 That's why my mission and passion is to inspire people to fulfill their full potential through learning resources that make your heart sing, your mind expand, your body healed, and -- your spirit soar!

 This course really OVER-DELIVERS!

 1- REGISTRATION VIDEO message with introduction and instructions. This is your introduction and instruction that will take you through step by step for the next year or however long you need to complete this course. (Exclusively for this course)


IMPACTHow to Succeed in Apostolic Ministry! This E-book alone is worth the price of the course!


How God can dynamically release you in the apostolic. How to identify and occupy your spheres of influence.



   PERSONAL APPLICATION  WORKBOOK- A practical application of each lesson to your life and ministry. This is your question and answer book to identify what you should do next.  (E-book written exclusively for this course)


  • This is a personal training workbook that discusses all of the different realms about the apostolic as it could apply to you and how to activate the Gifts already in your own personal life. This Workbook for The School of the Apostles was designed to help you learn the skill of the apostolic and understand the HOW to apply these truths to your life.
  • As you go through this course you will discover that God is speaking to you in the NOW, the Present and He wants you to put action to your faith. Discover your destiny and what God has waiting for you NOW!

 Bridge Builders - ambassadors of EternityBRIDGE-BUILDERS, Ambassadors of Eternity - (E-book written exclusively for this course ) the theological study of 1 Corinthians 5:20.

 This is a surprising study that could change your mind!




GOT THE GOODSYOU'VE GOT THE GOODS - (E-book written exclusively for this course) Explaining How To Solve The Five Biggest Mistakes Most People Make In Apostolic Ministry.





Apostolic AuthoityAPOSTOLIC AUTHORITY - Text. If you live in the US, this textbook is also MAILED to you. Everyone receives it in an E-book format. Presently, this book is not available for sale except through this course.




cURRICULUM SCHOOL OF THE APOSTLESAPOSTOLIC AUTHORITY CURRICULUM - (E-book written exlcusively for this course) Mastering the comprehension of each lesson. To be completed and turned in at course end.





Guarding your AuthorityGUARDING YOU HEART (E-book) How to protect yourself and your ministry.







These foundational principles change everything we know about Church life.

 Learn how to receive MORE.

  • How to activate your life.
  • How to receive from others.
  • How to get positioned properly.
  • How to maximize your life!


 3. VIDEOS for School of the Apostles

 (Most of these videos are exclusively released for this course)

  • Didn't Anybody Ever Tell You?
  • Welcome & Instructions
  • Apostolic Authority 1 & 2
  • Are There Apostles Today?
  • Leadership Identity 1 & 2
  • Building Fierce Leaders 1 & 2
  • Teams
  • Guarding your Authority
  • Are There Apostles Today? (Short video)
  • Apostolic church Arising
  • This new Season - Migration
  • Reformation of the Church DVD (Church2.docx)
  • Patterns of the Future Church
  • Unveiling the Women

 PLUS you will receive everything (videos and correspondence) that may be made available at a later date! FREE. Plus, access to member's only portions of our website should that be developed.


You will receive download of articles written exclusively for this class. More will be added as time goes by and you will receive them as well. 

•    Considerations On How God Works With Apostles - 
•    Breakthrough Prayer - How to Effectively Declare in the New Day
    big list here

You will also receive a monthly activation messages with your course that will help charge you with apostolic declarations, decrees, and an establishment to help bring you into your Apostolic gift. Exclusively for this course - 

7. OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION -- Exclusively for this course - 
Once course is completed, mail the course questions/answers to the following address. Once your Curriculum and questions have been graded, we will then mail you back your assignments - PLUS a full color Official Certificate of Completion.


 Every day, I work with ministers to help them effectively impact their sphere of influence. 
So, I have developed this class on The School of the Apostles, that NO ONE ELSE out there is teaching.

Dr. Kluane Spake is our hands-on, in-the-trenches expert. She is an internationally recognized Ambassadorial Apostle who has provided strategic and tactical training for hundreds of churches and ministries worldwide. "Dr. K" consistently delivers success boosting results through identification, development, rigorous training, and teaching that will help build your future.

•    Proven expertise 
•    Teaching ability
•    Who will focus on providing actionable content that you can start using immediately to build your ministry.

I change the world for good by making certain that YOU do!

Dr. K is founder of SWORD Ministries, and Jubilee Alliance Apostolic Network. She ministers to thousands of ministers and believers from around the world.

If you already have purchased "Apostolic Authority," there is a $20. discount available. (This book is NOT available at this time for purchase outside of this class.)

 What you need:

 This course requires that you have a computer that has ONLINE capability and able to receive and open emails containing PDF documents and attachments. Every month, you need to be able to follow the written directions sent, open attachments, watch videos online, and print assignments and material.


Hello Dr Kluane,  I am blessed to see how much detail you have put into the School of the Apostles and how much of you is in this course, well done for being inspired by the Holy Spirit to write such a course. I believe this has worked well with all the other things I am doing to see me for who I am and what God has called me to do for Him.

The course is practical enough to apply it to everyday ministry and it is helping me to define the steps to achieving the vision. I also say it is varied e.g. reading, You tube clips, writing our personal applications and assessing progress. The reading material is very up-to-date and provides fresh input all the time. 
It is encouraging and affirmative the way the material is written and the amount of the content is manageable from month to month. 
I receive revelation and motivation "to press toward the higher calling."

I have been doing the course with Wilma and we are able to dialogue between us and further clarify some of the salient points you are showing us. 
There is a lot of work needed for the church to see the Way God wants to reform His Church and God is giving us strategies for His work particularly in business. Pastor A. Thompson, Sydney


Thank you for the rich present truth and instruction you have poured out. Your School of the Apostles ministers to deep heart issues. Life seems to be moving fast, and requiring  True Change. Thank you for releasing the gifting of an apostle through a FEMALE earth suite!" C M.


"I am enjoying the lessons (in the School of the Apostles) and have learned more from it in this season, than during any equivalent season in my life.  While I am 65 years old, and the world would say it's time to retire from more than forty years of ministry,  I feel like a babe in spiritual things and looking forward to the next 65 years (the Lord willing), of practicing ministry more purposefully, and probably more accurately than in the previous life…  

Seeing and understanding the "apostolic" view of the Church and ministry is super.  Getting the people of God to see the necessary changes the old way of doing church is the greatest hurdle… My wife and I feel a calling to reach the unreached and to teach this more accurate Church as designed by God initially, but subsequently changed by the hand of man throughout the centuries since the Crucifixion and the Pentecost birthing of HIS CHURCH.”  A Frank


We have finished the School of The Apostles course and it was an incredible journey with life transforming revelation every month. Thank you so much for taking the time to build our awareness of our kingdom purpose. Ap. D. Hodge


Hi Dr Kluane, We are doing well! I .have implemented many of the suggestions your gave us and restructured the ministry --  everybody is excited. Love doing the Apostolic school! You just so remind me of a modern Apostle Paul.....God bless you and love you heaps in the Lord....” Ap. R. Thomas


This course has been a real blessing to me. It’s causing me to look at ministry differently. This course has had me to go back and seek God on His perspectives for He wants this ministry to operate. Wanting to make sure I’m following His instructions totally so, that I’m operating in obedience and not in disobedience.  This course also, provokes me to think and meditate even the more. Since I have started the course, I have been blessed to hear words of how I have grown in the Lord. 

Thank you very much for all you have done for me by the leading of the Holy Spirit so, that the Kingdom of God will be advance for His glory. May God Bless you richly for all that you have done and by taking the time to be a blessing to others.  Please keep going forward!  B Foster


Yes I have enrolled in the school of the apostles. My life is changing for the better as a result of taking this course. I am challenged constantly to think more apostolically and critically. By the grace of Almighty God, I am maturing. A. H


Wow! …Apostle Kluane, I could not agree more...... I am so blessed to be enrolled in the School of the Apostles, your teachings are transformational and much needed in the body---Keep teaching and we will keep listening to these deep nuggets direct from the Lord....Prophet Yvonne S


I am in month 2 of this school (Of the Apostles) and it is phenomenal!! Brenda Smith


I’m writing with thanksgiving and appreciation for this course School of the Apostles.  I bless the Lord for the day He lead me to you. This course has been instrumental in helping me to think bigger, developing within me a global mindset. I have also become more creative in the way I do ministry and am not afraid to be unique and even disliked at times for that uniqueness.

 Through this course I am challenged to find my niche service to the Kingdom of God and to develop that niche. I am learning how to be a more equipped and potent servant for the Lord, a more loyal partner and friend and I am becoming a more decisive and mature leader.  I am becoming…. more like my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!  Thank you Dr. Spake for this opportunity to grow in Christ. AB


On Sunday after service I ministered to this one woman in particular.  I saw nothing no great revelation, but suddenly I felt such a 'heavy presence as I spoke and a new measure of authority." I did not lay hands or even touch her in any way, yet she bolted back and caught herself – I thought, "That was a lot of power --  I want to do it again!”  I knew that, because of your school, the words I ministered with were coupled with greater accuracy and Kingdom Intent than before. Ray B


Well, we finished this month’s school of the apostles and really enjoyed it. So much has happened as we apply theses principles to the ministry we are starting here. God is redefining, reshaping our lives for His Purpose. The whole family is being challenged since you left us, for what I believe is preparation for a new vision. Pastor Alan

My eyes are being conditioned to see again, anew.....HIM...DOING EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE ALL! Mourning is no longer my daily companion. Thank you so VERY much for your Poured Out Life,.for being authentically YOU, and your Anointed, NOW,Apostolic Training Course has changed my life! Love you Much...... Carla M, Cincinnati,Oh


Briefly, I want to say that I have been looking for a class such as this, one that was practical, but yet with a good foundation on the Apostolic calling. I had found some practical but lacking a lot of scriptural validation and then I found more than enough scriptural and extra biblical apostolic information or training which lacked practical aspects. But your School of the Apostles has a great balance of both. Thanks. This has been a long and lonely journey but it is good to find someone that not only you can identify with, but whom you can glean from as well. I am already more informed just by what I have read already, but I will read and read again until it goes down to the joints and marrow of my bones so that my very presence permeates the air with the call of the Apostle and the mandate of God on my life.  God bless you dearly! ( Yes, I am still reading and rereading the Prophetic from an Apostolic View (the e-book)  It is awesome too! Prophet Yvonne S


Amen ! thank God for mighty prophetic revivalists like you, Dr Kluanne, who operate in a forerunner unction to create this course on the School of the Apostles and manifest all of the fullness of God's kingdom reality to His ppl. The anointing on your life to build this school is making the crooked paths straight, so that His river & His streams flow thru us, releasing a hydrating anointing of His kingdom love & revelation to the church. Thank YaH for tranfiguring, destiny-instilling anointings like the ones on your life, Dr Spake. Jim N.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I highly recommend this School of the Apostles Course. Dr. Kluane Spake is a woman who has poured her life into walking out her apostolic calling and you will be blessed and empowered by her anointed teaching. Prophet Roger Hutchins

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