The Spiritual Mind Package (Digital Download) by Jill Austin, Matthew Hester, Martha Lucia, C. Peter Wagner, and Jeremy Lopez
The Spiritual Mind Package (Digital Download) by Jill Austin, Matthew Hester, Martha Lucia, C. Peter Wagner, and Jeremy Lopez
The Spiritual Mind Package (Digital Download) by Jill Austin, Matthew Hester, Martha Lucia, C. Peter Wagner, and Jeremy Lopez
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The Spiritual Mind Package
7 MP3 Teaching Download
by Jill Austin, Matthew Hester, Martha Lucia, C. Peter Wagner and Jeremy Lopez
Teachings Included in this Set:
1.  Breaking Religious Mindsets by Jill Austin
2.  The Mind of Christ by Matthew Hester
3.  The Mind and Deception by Martha Lucia
4.  God has an Open Mind by C. Peter Wagner
5.  Change Your Mind by Matthew Hester
6.  Being the Gatekeeper of Your Mind by Jeremy Lopez
7.  How to Alter Your Mind Towards Wealth by Jeremy Lopez
Biographies of Speakers
The late Jill Austin was Founder and President of Master Potter Ministries, which is still operating and is based in Southern California. Working as an award-winning professional potter, she founded Master Potter Ministries over thirty years ago. When she was not occupied in her trade, she would visit churches where she depicted the Master Potter creating His clay vessels on her potter's wheel.Combining music, drama and art, she brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, as well as deep healing to the broken-hearted.
What began as a performing arts ministry quickly changed as the Manifest Presence of Holy Spirit began to move powerfully in her meetings, bringing renewal and awakening destiny to individuals and churches. God used these years to form this accomplished potter into a fiery preacher and one of the nation's powerful prophetic voices.
Jill Austin's child-like faith, coupled with her fiery tenacity and resolute commitment to stand for the purposes of God, made her a much sought after conference speaker. Jill was known for her unique friendship with Holy Spirit and her ability to impart radical hunger and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. These were hallmarks of the powerful anointing she carried as she ministered nationally and internationally.
The Lord had gifted her as a governmental prophet with testimonies abounding to the astounding accuracy of the prophetic words she released to churches, cities and nations over the years. Jill moved with a catalytic anointing to release the fire of the Holy Spirit and break open the heavens over cities and nations, bringing revival with signs and wonders following her ministry.
The Lord also used her to open up realms of glory and visitation with revelation of the Throne Room in her meetings. She moved with a breaker anointing to bring heaven to earth. Her heart burned to mentor, train and equip forerunners and fledging prophetic eagles to operate in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Her desire was to see people move in the Spirit not only in the church, but also in the marketplace and outside the walls of the church with a demonstration of signs and wonders following. She longed to see people soar in their destiny in God.
Matthew Hester has been in the ministry for over six years. He was ordained as a Pastor in 2000 and again as an Apostle in 2004. He serves on the fivefold team of Dominion Community Church. 
He has the ability to minister the Word of God with stunning clarity and revelation as he challenges the Body of Christ to live the ascended life. He resides with his wife and son in the Greenville/Spartanburg metro area in South Carolina.
Martha Lucia is an anointed Watchman/Prophet with an Apostolic call to lay a foundation of prayer and the Word of the Lord in the lives of God's people.  Through fervent prayer and the study of His Word, the Lord has given Martha revelatory keys of effective prayer and divine strategies to see the strongholds of the enemy dismantled and the Kingdom of God established in the local church as well as in cities, states and nations.

Martha relocated to north Florida in 1992, where she heads the intercessory prayer teams for Christian International Ministries Network.  In 1996, she was ordained as the General of Intercession, with a mandate from God to raise up an army of intercessors.  The Lord has positioned Martha to be a pioneer in the area of teaching intercession, and to bring the Church back to an effective prayer life and strong intercession, including times of spiritual birthing and travail.  

In 2002 Martha responded to the call of God to join Christian International Europe. She has focused much of her ministry time in England and has had the opportunity to travel to many other European countries in the 40/70 window teaching and training about the watchman.  While in the 40/70 nations she has lead intercessory teams to key locations to pray, prophesy, and decree over the land.

C. Peter Wagner, PhD, holds graduate degrees in theology, missiology, and religion from Fuller Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Southern California. He served as a field missionary in Bolivia for 16 years and he taught on the faculty of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary for 30 years. The author of 70 books, Wagner ministers extensively nationally and internationally from his home base in Colorado.


Dr. Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International and Now is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the worlds largest prophetic resource websites that reaches well over 153,000 people around the globe and distributes ebooks, books, audio downloads, teaching CDs and DVDs. Jeremy has taught and prophesied to thousands of people from all walks of life such as local church congregations, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders, musicians, and various ministries around the world concerning areas such as financial breakthrough's, life changing decisions and discovering your career.
Jeremy is an international teacher, dream coach and motivational speaker.  Dr. Jeremy speaks on new dimensions of revelatory knowledge, universal laws, mysteries, patterns and cycles. He has a love for all people and desires to enrich their lives with love, grace and the mercy of God and to empower them to be successful. Dr. Jeremy believes it is time to awaken the treasure within people to live out the victorious life that was meant for us.  His desire is to live a life filled with purpose, potential, and destiny.  He teaches with a revelational prophetic teaching gift that brings a freshness of the word of God to people everywhere. 




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