Ramsey Smart Conference Live Event Experience (DVD set)
Ramsey Smart Conference Live Event Experience (DVD set)
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Take a front-row seat for the life-changing Ramsey Smart Conference - right in the comfort of your own home! The Ramsey SMART Conference is a DVD Set consisiting of talks by leading experts on the subjects of marriage, parenting, money, career, leadership, and personal development.

These power-packed talks by Dave Ramsey, Henry Cloud, Les Parrott, Meg Meeker, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, and Anthony O'Neal challenge listeners to break away from "normal" and find a deeper purpose for your life. The SMART DVD set includes:

  • Two Smart Conference participant workbooks
  • Three DVDs with 4.5 hours of talks recorded at recent Smart Conference events
  • One copy of Dave Ramsey's personal story on CD (30 minutes)
  • One access code for streaming Smart Conference to your favorite device


  1. Introduction: Dave Ramsey (19:04)
  2. Dr. Les Parrott: Marriage (37:21)
  3. Christy Wright: Personal Development (33:27)


  1. Dr. Henry Cloud: Personal Development (35:14)
  2. Rachel Cruze: Money (36:40)
  3. Chris Hogan: Retirement (39:02)


  1. Dr. Meg Meeker: Parenting (39:40)
  2. Closing, Dave Ramsey: Personal Development (35:49)
  3. Bonus, Anthony O'Neal: Parenting (30:07)

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