Where On Earth Are We Going?: For Heavens Sake (PDF Download) by Doug Fortune
Where On Earth Are We Going?: For Heavens Sake (PDF Download) by Doug Fortune
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Excerpts from the book: I believe that we are truly going to impact the earth by moving into this next "dimension" in God, foreshadowed by the Feast of Tabernacles and the Holy of Holies. In this next "dimension" you find that there is really only ONE "dimension." Friend, the next "dimension" in God includes, encompasses and supersedes all previous "dimensions."  We are not merely believing something ABOUT Him... We are believing INTO His nature. Do you see the difference there? Religion teaches us to believe certain things ABOUT certain things. Relationship calls us to experience the "thing" we have believed. To just believe something ABOUT Him, we can remain separate, apart and objective. To believe INTO His name, His nature thrusts us entirely into Him! To believe INTO His name means we are joined, united and subjective.  Let us agree, align and advance into His Rest... Let us move from the place of parables to the place of demonstration, with a sent-one mentality... Let's leave old mentalities, take nothing for our journey... And let us depart on this journey preaching the gospel, and healing every where!

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