Spiritual Breakthrough  (12 MP3 Downloads) by Jeff Jansen, David Hogan and Richard Hanson
Spiritual Breakthrough (12 MP3 Downloads) by Jeff Jansen, David Hogan and Richard Hanson
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Spiritual Breakthrough
(12 MP3 Downloads)
by Jeff Jansen, David Hogan and Richard Hanson


Are you hungry for more of God's manifest presence in your life? Are you contending for an outpouring in your church, city, or region? Do you need a fresh touch from God or a miracle? Do you desire to move in the ministry of miracles, signs, and wonders? If this sounds like you, then the Spiritual Breakthrough Set is for you.

When you receive impartation from the Holy Spirit, there is a fresh power released on your life that lifts you out of the natural and into the supernatural—a divine grace that is imparted to the Believer that is evidenced with fresh power to demonstrate Kingdom authority around you.


  • A fresh impartation of power to move in the miraculous

  • Revelation and activation that will release you into your destiny

  • An anointing to move in higher realms of the Glory of God

  • A Renewing of purpose and understanding of the Kingdom of God


Teaching Set Includes:


MP3 1: David Hogan (Pt 1)

MP3 2: David Hogan (Pt 2)

MP3 3: Jeff Jansen (Pt 1)

MP3 4: Jeff Jansen (Pt 2)

MP3 5: David Hogan (Pt 1)

MP3 6: David Hogan (Pt 2)

MP3 7: Richard Hanson (Pt 1)

MP3 8: Richard Hanson (Pt 2)

MP3 9: David Hogan (Pt 1)

MP3 10: David Hogan (Pt 2)

MP3 11: David Hogan

MP3 12: Richard Hanson


***** This teaching set will blow you away! It carries with it a breaker anointing to set you free and liberate you to victory!!



Jeff Jansen & Jan Jansen are the founders of Global Fire Ministries International, and Senior Leaders of the Global Fire Church, World Miracle Center, and International Ministry Base located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Jeff's burning desire is to see churches, cities, regions and whole nations ignited and transformed by the power of God. Jeff flows in a strong prophetic and miracle healing anointing that releases the tangible Glory of God everywhere he goes. Jeff also teaches, trains and equips Believers how to live and move in the supernatural Presence of God and emphasizes that communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit are vital for transformation. Jeff believes that the same Holy Spirit that rested in and upon Jesus Christ then is the same Spirit that flows in and through the corporate Body of Christ now, and that we are to be equipped and released as Glory carriers in the nations of the earth. Jeff travels full-time, hosting international crusades and ministering at conferences, churches and Glory Gatherings around the world. Jeff and the GFM team are available to come to your area. Jeff and Jan live in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

David Hogan was born and raised in North Louisiana. His family for two generations before him were men who preached the Gospel. After being around the Gospel for many years, he rebelled against hypocrisy and God and lived a hard life with drinking, gangs and violence. He and his wife, Debbie, were married in 1971 in Louisiana. While he was working in the oil field, his wife got saved and began praying with David's parents for his salvation. While on an airplane to the oil field in Alaska, he received a direct challenge from God to be that man who was no hypocrite but sought after and walked in the power of God. He accepted Jesus as his Savior and immediately returned on the next flight.

In 1977, after taking a trip to the mission field in Mexico, he came home to find his wife also having heard from God that this place is where they were supposed to give their lives for the Gospel. They then moved to Mexico.

During language school, he received an open and extended vision from God about the exact area that he was told to "start here." Using this vision as a guide and finding the area, he began ministering to the Indians of Mexico. This has been a long and hard process, pioneering a work in a place that has never had a Gospel witness. Fighting the powers of the devil along with witchcraft, idolatry and spirit worship takes the power of the Holy Ghost.

David decided to go after God for His power to see the miraculous, to see "signs following" instead of only religious hypocrisy. He began to seek God to raise the dead. After four years of intense prayer and fasting he saw the first person receive life after having died, this miracle by the power of prayer to God. God has since allowed him to be present on 28 different occasions to date where people of all backgrounds have been raised from the dead. In the work now, there have been over four hundred people who have received this life after dying. This is one miracle of God among many that has affected the work.

Founding Freedom Ministries in 1981, this work has reached many countries in Latin America. The work continues to grow through preaching an uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ with many missionaries coming alongside to finish the same vision of winning Mexico and the world for Jesus. There are now over six hundred churches and many missions throughout Mexico.

David and Debbie live in Mexico and now have four grown children, Jo-d, Crystal, Joy and Luis. All four of their children with their families work alongside of their parents in the ministry. Now involved in many international ministry opportunities, he continues to preach this unmoving Gospel that radically changes the way Christians think about the possibilities of God for their lives and the lives of those around them.

Richard Hanson is a prophetic revivalist whose ministry is touching the lives of people across the world with God's Glory. Many are experiencing God's Miracle working Power. God is also using Richard to bring knowledge and understanding on living in the Supernatural and manifesting the Healing Power of God. Richard's passion is leading believers into a deeper life of intimacy with Christ and leading the lost to salvation. Richard's desire is to see an entire generation raised up that openly displays the raw power of God to the world.

Richard grew up in a small town in Florida where he lived most of his life. Although raised in a Christian home, his heart was far from being totally surrendered to Christ. During his early teenage years, he was mixed up in a life, which he felt had no purpose. However, God had great plans in mind for Richard; a life filled with a future and a hope. Richard had an encounter with God and surrendered his life fully to Christ. God in His great mercy began to draw Richard into extended times of being with Him. It was out of this season of waiting on Him that God began to put a passion in his heart to reach the world with the Glory and knowledge of God.

Richard soon began to serve in his father's church, His Fellowship in Lady Lake Florida, where he met his wife, Jodi. He led worship there for several years and in 1999, became the youth Pastor. In 2003, he was called by God to Grandville, Michigan to study at Christian Life School of Theology where he became Associate Director of the Healing Rooms. In 2005, Richard began to intern and personally work beside Jeff Jansen (Global Fire Ministries) and was ordained by him in 2007, and sent out under his own ministry (Richard Hanson Ministries) as an Associate minister with Global Fire Ministries. Richard, along with his wife, Jodi, and Daughter, Emma, live in Grand Rapids, MI.


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