Holy to Yahveh (PDF Download) by Terrye Goldblum Seedman
Holy to Yahveh (PDF Download) by Terrye Goldblum Seedman
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This integrated symbol represents the Jewish Messiah who willingly gave His life to reconcile Jew and Gentile to the almighty and to one another. The Hebrew prophets foretold of this reconciliation. Their words are opened through the pages of this book.

YAHveh the Father, the Holy One of Israel is inseparably One with YAHshua His Son, the Jewish Messiah, as portrayed in this golden symbol. Their divine memorial—names are from eternity's threshold yet have been hidden for centuries under the doctrines and traditions of men. At the close of this age, Their sacred and awesome names are once again being revealed, glorified, and restored to a place of preeminence.

This book is a beautiful tapestry composed of Old and New Covenant [Testament] truths which are as golden threads woven together to create a vivid portrait of YAHveh the Most High God and YAHshua the Messiah. Throughout this book the plumb line of scriptural truth reveals many crooked places, faulty doctrines, and traditions that have permeated religious systems to this day.

By His Spirit, YAHveh is calling Jewish and Gentile people alike to read this life changing book. For the Jewish people, the day has come to meet their Messiah; for scriptural mandates. For both Jews and Gentiles the hour has come for all anti-Christian and anti-Semitic walls of division to be exposed and shattered.

Holy to YAHveh is a spiritual banqueting table presented before all who hunger and thirst for their Creator and His uncompromised truths. This book magnifies the reality of the holy living God, YAHveh, who desires to escort a remnant from all walks of life into His glorious life changing presence. The Almighty is preparing a righteous remnant who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, now and for all eternity.

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