Jewish Calendar Fraud (PDF Download) by Prince Michael A. Kwende
Jewish Calendar Fraud (PDF Download) by Prince Michael A. Kwende
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This book, The Jewish Calendar Fraud and its accompaniment of a Chart, are the first issues, released as part of the trilogy, showcasing the definitive collection of His Royal Highness Prince Michael A. Kwende’s eschatological repertoire: 

Delineating world and Biblical chronology, from Creation to the end-times.

It’s been said “No one knows for sure when the next Jewish Jubilee Year is!”

And all major Prophets and prophecy pundits have all thrown in the towel as to the question of the date of the next Jubilee.

But Alleluia, HRH Prince Michael A. Kwende [HRH King Kwende,] alone, knows it. Having been handed down to him by The KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords Adonai Elohim Yeshua Hamashiach Sekenu, and by his magnanimity is obliged to reveal it to the world, in his long awaited first book and chart Jewish Calendar Fraud, a must-read for the studious student and teacher of Bible prophecy.

In this book, accompaniment of a chart, and trilogy, HRH King Kwende expatiates and debunks the errant year numbering system, by the founding fathers, of the De facto Jewish Calendar [315 years removed] but shuns the LORD Jesus Christ’s Feasts and appointed times [Moedim] which are, sacrosanct, sacred, continuous and spot on.

HRH King Kwende establishes [Verifies and attests to, with Scripture quotations] the dates [Day, Month, and Year] of most major events, from legitimate Creation on Sunday 16th of April 4076BC, to the Coming of the Antichrist; Daniel’s 70th Week; to the end of construction of the Third King Solomon’s Temple [The Jubilee Temple] in the long awaited and elusive Jubilee Year; the tribulation period and Jacob’s Troubles and to the Rapture of the LORD Jesus Christ and beyond to the Coming of ABBA FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, with the New Jerusalem in 3028AD.

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