The Visitation Collection (MP3 CD) By Jill Austin
The Visitation Collection (MP3 CD) By Jill Austin
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Visitations – MP3 CD

This unique collection of CD's offers listeners a chance to hear many stories of life visitations from meetings throughout the world. Brief descriptions of each CD are below.

Vol. 1: Gateway to the Throne Room
Seldom heard on CD, this is an incredible account of a New Zealand pastor's experience "behind the veil." He describes visions of the Throne Room and God's broken heart for the Body of Christ, which will stir your heart and enlarge your vision for the awesomeness of God.

Vol. 2: A Glimpse of His Glory Through Angelic Visitation
Incredible open-eyed visions are shared during a live ministry time in New Zealand. People, gripped by God, describe their personal encounters with the Glorious Intruder and His royal entourage.

Vol. 3: The Heart Behind the Cross
The cross – God's secret weapon against the enemy – is shrouded and veiled in mysteries. Revelation of the cross is needed to open the heavens. The message of the cross is the plumbline of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Vol. 4: Encounters with the Glorious Intruder
Amazing and compelling testimonies of healings, behind the veil experiences, visitations and divine encounters make this a dramatic CD that stirs a hunger for a visitation from the Lord.


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