Abba Father (MP3 CD) by Jill Austin
Abba Father (MP3 CD) by Jill Austin
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Abba Father – MP3 CD

This teaching on forgiveness and reconciliation takes believers beyond "band-aid Christianity" and down to root issues. As most of us know, unforgiveness can be a major roadblock to spiritual growth, leading to frustration and despair.

In this teaching, Jill explores a new approach to healing wounds of the heart, supported by the Word of God. She explains how partnering with the Holy Spirit can bring breakthroughs with personal issues. You will also learn to use prophetic counseling to free others from the unforgiveness that holds people in bondage.

She shares powerful stories of forgiveness, including one about her dying father, whom she had not seen for 20 years. Also included in this teaching are compelling stories about people working through real-life issues to reveal how the Holy Spirit unlocks hearts, allowing the desolate to heal and enter into deeper places of intimacy with Jesus


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