The Marturia (Ebook/PDF) by Russell Durose
The Marturia (Ebook/PDF) by Russell Durose
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The Marturia: Power to Overcome for the End Times

(Ebook/PDF) by Russell Durose



I am a Minister who has been in the full time vocation since 1987, first in youth based ministry then training as a Pastor in my local Church in Nottingham United Kingdom. Then after that went to Brixham in Devon, stepping out into a totally different area of ministry, the prophetic. After 2 years moved to the Forest of Dean, ministering in Portugal and Spain. After 2 years went back for 1 year to Nottingham and God used that year to mature what I had learned in the last few years . In 1995 I went to live in Portugal where I did missionary work, learned the language. I got married out there and had 2 wonderful children and a wonderful family. I worked in various churches and founded a Theological School. I received the call to return in 2010 and since then have been spent around health issues, hospital visits, transplants, dialysis. Right now the publishing of books is a new project for a new teaching ministry. 



 The end times is not just about the negative aspects of the Book of Revelation but there is a power, and the mark which produces the power and faith to overcome so that the Persecuted Church can become the Victorious Reigning Bride of Christ. 




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