The Language of Leadership: It's More Than Just Talk (Paperback) by Paul Tsika
The Language of Leadership: It's More Than Just Talk (Paperback) by Paul Tsika
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Leaders are unique individuals. They seem to have the innate ability to dream big, craft a vision, rally followers, and create change. While it's true that leaders think and act differently than the average person, the truth is that these distinctions all have a surprisingly simple origin: their words.
If the words we use affect our thoughts, and these thoughts govern our actions, then the great chasm between success and failure lies within our speech. Great leaders recognize this, and are committed to intentionally crafting their language.
Like with any new language, you can become fluent in the language of leadership through a few simple practices: setting learning goals, learning proper vocabulary, daily practice, cultural immersion, and real-world use. Once you become fluent in the language of leadership, the words you use will begin to shape your mindset, your actions, and ultimately, the results.
The Language of Leadership is your guide to mastering this new language. Beginning with your vocabulary, and moving into your thoughts and practices, this book is your roadmap to success.
You can become the leader you've always wanted to be. It all starts by learning The Language of Leadership!

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