Self Analyzation: Putting Yourself in Proper Alignment (6 MP3 Teaching Downloads) by Jeremy Lopez and Brian Turner
Self Analyzation: Putting Yourself in Proper Alignment (6 MP3 Teaching Downloads) by Jeremy Lopez and Brian Turner
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Self Analyzation
Putting Yourself in Proper Alignment
6 MP3 Teaching Downloads
By Jeremy Lopez and Brian Turner


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On this six MP3 teaching series, Jeremy joins in with his friend Brian Turner to impart wisdom and knowledge on self analyzation. This series will help you to discover the things that you can't see about yourself. This series will also open your heart to see the reflection of God’s image and the treasure that is very deep inside you. This series is highly recommended for anyone and everyone who truly wants to walk in truth and freedom, and more importantly, walk in their authentic self.
Teachings included are:
1. Aligning Your Life by Jeremy Lopez
2. Fact or Fiction by Brian Turner
3. Checking Out Your Beliefs by Jeremy Lopez
4. Assessing YOur Weaknesses by Brian Turner
5. Question Everything by Jeremy Lopez
6. Silence Unhealthy Self Talk by Brian Turner

Dr. Jeremy Lopez is the Founder and President of Identity Network and Now Is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the world's leading prophetic resource sites, offering books, teachings, and courses to a global audience. For more than thirty years, Dr. Lopez has been considered a pioneering voice within the field of the prophetic arts and his proven strategies for success coaching are now being implemented by various training groups and faith groups throughout the world.




Brian Turner has pastored in Charismatic, Pentecostal, and United Methodist Churches. He received his seminary education from Asbury Theological Seminary. Brian is gifted to teach about the eternal now and consciousness. He is also a talented public speaker and life coach. Brian is married to Jaclyn, and they have three children: Christian, Austin, and Kirstin and their first grandson, Silas.



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